This website provides the synopsis of all the 66 books of the BIBLE to get a quick overview and understanding. In each Book you can look for the following information. website is undergoing major changes to provide you with best of the material for your Bible study. Inconvenience is regretted.

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Introduction to the Book

Purpose of the Book

Facts related to the Book

Names of GOD used in the Book

Major Themes it covers

Revelation of JESUS CHRIST

Work of the HOLY SPIRIT

Praise and Worship Points

Lessons to be learnt

Book layout

Bible Introduction

Bible Analytics

Bible History

How to study the Bible

Authority of Scriptures

Content Update

Bible at a glance section is complete

Old testament

  1. Genesis to Malachi synopsis complete
  2. first 13 chapters overview complete for genesis
  3. remaining work is in progress

New Testament

  1. Matthew to Revelation Synopsis Complete
  2. remaining work is in progress