Themes in 1Chronicles


By retelling Israel’s history in the genealogies and the stories of the kings, the writer laid down the true spiritual foundation for the nation. God kept his promises, and we are reminded of them in the historical record of his people, leaders, prophets, priests, and kings.

Israel’s past formed a reliable basis for reconstructing the nation after the Exile. Because God’s promises are revealed in the Bible, we can know God and trust him to keep his word. Like Israel, we should have no higher goal in life than devoted service to God.


By listing the names of people in Israel’s past, God established Israel’s true heritage. They were all one family in Adam, one nation in Abraham, one priesthood under Levi, and one kingdom under David. The national and spiritual ‘unity’ of the people was important to the rebuilding of the nation.

God is always faithful to his people. He protects them in every generation and provides leaders to guide them. Because God has been at work throughout the centuries, his people can trust him to work in the present. You can rely on his presence today.


The story of David’s life and his relationship with God showed that he was God’s appointed leader. David’s devotion to God, the law, the Temple, true worship, the people, and justice sets the standard for what God’s chosen king should be like.

Jesus Christ came to earth as a descendant of David. One day he will rule as King over all the earth. His strength and justice will fulfill God’s ideal for the king. He is our hope. We can experience God’s Kingdom now by giving Christ complete control of our lives.


David brought the Ark of the Covenant to the Tabernacle at Jerusalem to restore true worship to the people. God gave the plans for building the Temple, and David organized the priests to make worship central to all Israel.

The Temple stood as the throne of God on earth, the place of true worship. God’s true throne is in the hearts of his people. When we acknowledge him as the true King over our lives, true worship takes place.


God ordained the priests and Levites to guide the people in faithful worship according to his law. By leading the people in worship according to God’s design, the priests and Levites were an important safeguard to Israel’s faith.

For true worship to remain central in our lives, God’s people need to take a firm stand for the ways of God recorded in the Bible. Today, all believers are priests for one another, and we should encourage each other to faithful worship.