Song of Solomon Outline

Title:The Royal Relationship: Son_1:1

Poem I. Longing and Discovery: Son. 1:2-2:7

A. Song of Yearning for the Absent Lover (Beloved): Son_1:2-4
B. Self-description of Modesty (Beloved): Son_1:5-6
C. Teasing Dialogue Imaginatively Seeking an Encounter (Be loved; Lover): Son_1:7-8
D. Song Admiring Her Worth and Beauty (Lover): Son_1:9-11
E. Song of Admiration in Reply (Beloved): Son_1:12-14
F. Song of Admiration in Dialogue (Lover; Beloved; Lover; Be loved): Son. 1:15-2:4
G. Song of Yearning for Intimacy (Beloved): Son_2:5-6
H. Call for Patience with Love’s Course (Beloved): Son_2:7

Poem II. Invitation, Suspense, Response: Son. 2:8-3:5

A. Description of the Lover’s Approach and Invitation (Be loved): Son_2:8-14
B. Teasing Response Turned Serious by Affirmation of Mutual Possession (Beloved): Son_2:15-16
C. Invitation to Intimacy (Beloved): Son_2:17
D. Description of Frustration and Fulfillment (Beloved): Son_3:1-4
E. Call for Patience with Love’s Course (Beloved): Son_3:5

Poem III. Ceremony and Satisfaction: Son. 3:6-5:1

A. Dramatic and Admiring Description of the Groom’s Arrival (Beloved): Son_3:6-11
B. Description of the Bride’s Beauty: (Lover): Son_4:1-7
C. Invitation Song to Bride (Lover): Son_4:8
D. Admiration Song to Bride (Lover): Son_4:9-15
E. Invitation Song to Groom (Beloved): Son_4:16
F. Song of Eager Response (Lover): Son_5:1
G. Song of Encouragement (Daughters of Jerusalem): Son_5:1

Poem IV. Frustration and Delight: Son. 5:2-6:3

A. Report of a Vexing Dream (Beloved): Son_5:2-7
B. Call for Urgent Help (Beloved): Son_5:8
C. Teasing Question (Daughters of Jerusalem): Son_5:9
D. Description of Lover’s Beauty (Beloved): Son_5:10-16
E. Teasing Question (Daughters of Jerusalem): Son_6:1
F. Response of Delight and Commitment (Beloved): Son_6:2-3

Poem V. Pomp and Celebration: Son. 6:4-8:4

A. A Descriptive Song with Touches of a Boast (Lover): Son_6:4-10
B. A Fantasy Experience of Separation (Beloved): Son_6:11-12
C. A Plea to Return (Daughters of Jerusalem): Son_6:13
D. A Teasing Reply in Question Form (Beloved): Son_6:13
E. A Description of the Dancing Woman (Daughters of Jerusalem): Son_7:1-5
F. A Yearning Song for Intimacy (Lover): Son_7:6-9
G. An Invitation to Fulfillment (Beloved): Son. 7:10-8:3
H. A Call for Patience with Love’s Course (Beloved): Son_8:4

Poem VI. Passion and Commitment: Son_8:5-14

A. A Question Signaling the Couples’ Return (Daughters of Jerusalem): Son_8:5
B. A Seductive Reminder of Love’s Continuity (Beloved): Son_8:5
C. A Yearning Song of Chastity (Beloved): Son_8:6-7
D. A Test of Chastity (Beloved, speaking for her brothers): Son_8:8-10
E. A Boast of Chastity (Beloved): Son_8:11-12
F. A Yearning Song to Hear Her Voice (Lover): Son_8:13
G. An Invitation Song to Take His Fill of Love (Beloved): Son_8:14