Ruth Outline

5 Nov 2018 Book of Ruth

I. When You’re at the End of Your Tether: Rth_1:1-22

A. Elimelech—A Questionable Decision: Rth_1:1-5
B. Naomi—A Bitter Experience: Rth_1:6-13; Rth_1:19-22
C. Ruth—A Growing Faith: Rth_1:14-18

II. The Mechanics of Grace: Rth_2:1-23

A. Experiencing God’s Providence: Rth_2:1-10
B. Holding on to God’s Faithfulness: Rth_2:11-12
C. Enjoying God’s Provision: Rth_2:13-23

III. Acts of Faith and Love: Rth_3:1-18

A. Naomi—Following God’s Signposts: Rth_3:1-6
B. Ruth—Trusting God’s Protection: Rth_3:7-9
C. Boaz—Reflecting God’s Character: Rth_3:10-18

IV. There is a Redeemer: Rth_4:1-22

A. The Heart of the Matter: Rth_4:1-10
B. The Answer to the Problem: Rth_4:11-17
C. The Hope for the Future: Rth_4:18-22