Praise and Worship in Proverbs

20 Mar 2020 Book of Proverbs

Praise in Proverbs

  • Godly parents who disciple their children (1:8)
  • His wisdom, which he has made available to us (1:20-21)
  • His shield of protection for those who are faithful to him (2:7-8)
  • His direction for those who trust him (3:5-6)
  • His correction when we go astray (3:12)
  • Good advice from godly people (10:20-21)
  • His instructions regarding wise and foolish living (10:115:33)
  • His attentiveness to the prayers of the righteous (15:29)
  • Godly women of noble character (31:10-31).

Worship in Proverbs

Unlike other wisdom traditions of the ancient world, the Bible links wisdom with the worship of the Lord. True wisdom is not just common sense. It is based on our knowledge of God and his ways and upon our reverence, or “fear,” of God. A life of worship prepares us for our walk of wisdom, for it focuses our attention on the Author of life. Then we respond in obedience to God by conducting ourselves according to the wisdom he gives us.

  • Wisdom is inseparable from the knowledge of God (1:7).
  • Our only sure guidance comes from seeking God’s will (3:5-6).
  • Devotion to the Lord brings contentment and true life (8:35).
  • Acts of worship offered insincerely displease God (15:8).
  • The Lord is sovereign over our life, and there is nothing beyond his control (16:33).
  • Ethical treatment of others matters greatly to God (23:10-11).
  • Showing mercy and kindness to others, especially to our enemies, brings blessing (25:21-22).