Praise and Worship in Isaiah

30 Mar 2020 Book of Isaiah

Praise in Isaiah

  • Refining his people (1:25);
  • Revealing to us a glimpse of himself (6:1-5);
  • Promising to send Immanuel (7:14);
  • Being everything we need (9:6-7);
  • Showing compassion to those who wait on him (30:18);
  • Providing comfort for his people (40:1);
  • Giving us his eternal word (40:8);
  • Acting as the good shepherd for his people (40:11);
  • Sending us his spirit (44:3-5);
  • Raising up those who bring the good news (52:7);
  • Placing our sins upon his servant (53:4-6);
  • Satisfying our thirsty souls (55:1-2).

Worship in Isaiah

  • Isaiah provides us with unforgettable portraits of the multifaceted character of God
  • Holy One of Israel: Seeing him as he truly is will change us forever.
  • Messiah: He is the suffering servant who redeems us.
  • Consolation of Israel: He reveals God’s greatness through his deliverance.
  • Ruler of the Cosmos: No one can stop or change his plans.
  • Defender of the Poor: He redresses all forms of injustice.
  • God of Righteousness: He will judge the wicked as a display of his uprightness.
  • Merciful Lord: He showers his people with love according to his goodness.
  • King of Glory: He will reign forever in his holy city.