Praise and Worship in Genesis

30 Oct 2018 Book of Genesis

Praise Points in Genesis

  • HIS creation of man and woman in his own likeness (1:26-27);
  • The goodness of everything he has made (1:31);
  • HIS compassion on those who disobey him (3:21);
  • Christ’s redemption of our fallenness (3:22-24);
  • HIS covenant to preserve humanity and every living creature (9:8-16);
  • The blessing shown to all people through Abraham’s descendants (12:1-3);
  • HIS ability to resolve any problem (18:14);
  • HIS willingness to respond to appeals for mercy (18:23-32);
  • HIS provision of a sacrifice to pay for our sin (22:10-13); and
  • HIS plans to bless us even through failures and hardships (50:20).

Worship Points in Genesis

  • Creation is an act of God’s goodness; it continues to proclaim the Lord’s power (1:12:25).
  • Worship is more than ceremony; it is giving one’s heart and life to God (4:2-7; 22:1-19).
  • Worship begins with obedience (6:22; 12:4).
  • True worship may lead us to give up possessions, status, and comfort in order to live in a covenant relationship with God (12:1-4; 13:18).
  • Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob model for us joyful worship as a fitting response to God’s revelation (17:3; 26:25; 33:20).
  • God responds to our sinfulness with mercy and forgiveness. Worship is an appropriate response to that mercy (18:20-33).
  • Giving to God and to his people is a gesture of worship (14:18-20).
  • The sacrifice, the altar, the stone pillar, the drink offering, circumcision, the rite of purification, and the taking of vows are elements of worship that first appear in the book of Genesis.