Praise and Worship in Ecclesiastes

Praise in Ecclesiastes

  • Giving us the pleasures of food, work, and sleep (2:24-25; 5:12)
  • Giving wisdom, knowledge, and joy to those who please him (2:26; 5:20)
  • Planting eternity in the human heart (3:11)
  • Acting with finality and judging us for what we do (3:14, 17-18; 12:14)
  • Refining us through both hard and prosperous times (7:3, 14)
  • Punishing the wicked, although they may be buried with honor (8:10-13)
  • Blessing the godly, though they may die in disfavor (9:1)
  • Rewarding generosity (11:1).

Worship in Ecclesiastes

According to the Teacher, God is worthy of worship simply because he is God. The circumstances of human existence, for good or ill, do not offset God’s worthiness to be worshiped. Even when life is filled with injustice, uncertainty, and pain, God remains worthy, and we must decide if we will “fear God and obey his commands” (12:13).

  • Knowledge divorced from God cannot satisfy us (1:18).
  • God enables us to enjoy the good things in life (2:24-25).
  • God has made us in his image by planting eternity in our heart (3:11).
  • God’s work is final—nothing can be added to or taken from it (3:14).
  • We should be cautious about making glib promises to God (5:1).
  • We should not fight against the ways of God but, instead, accept them willingly (7:13).
  • Nothing is certain in life except the constancy of God (7:14).
  • God created us to live upright lives (7:29).
  • We should be thankful when God gives us a partner to accompany us in this life (9:9).
  • To fear God and obey his commands sums up wisdom (12:13).