Overview of Ruth

5 Nov 2018 Book of Ruth

8th book of the BIBLE, Old Testament and 3rd of the 12 Historical books

Ruth is the great grandmother of David

The Book of Ruth is divided into four distinct settings.

1st setting: The country of Moab. 1:1-18

2nd setting: A field in Bethlehem. 1:19 – 2:23

3rd setting: A threshing floor in Bethlehem. 3:1-18

4th setting: The city of Bethlehem. 4:1-22

Ruth is a virtuous woman. 3:11

Love is demonstrated in chapters 1 & 2 and rewarded in chapters 3 & 4

Kinsman-Redeemer Means “One who redeems.” Appears 13 times in the Book of Ruth.