Overview of Deuteronomy

5th book of the BIBLE, Old Testament, Pentateuch

Moses name appears 40 times in this book

This was just before Moses’ death and Joshua’s leading of the Israelites into Canaan.

Deuteronomy therefore covers less than a two-month period, which includes the thirty days of mourning for Moses’ death

Moses exhorts them thirty-five times to “go in and possess” the land.

Thirty-four times he reminds them that this is the land that the Lord is giving them.

So powerful is Deuteronomy’s message that it is quoted over eighty times in the New Testament.

Deuteronomy is not a second law but an adaptation and expansion of much of the original Law given on Mt. Sinai. This is done through three sermons of Moses:

The 1st sermon. 1:1 – 4:3

The 2nd sermon. 4:44 – 26:19

The 3rd sermon. 27 – 34

Chapter 1-11 look backwards to where the Israelites came from and summarizes what happened to them from their founding with a dynamic leader. Chapter 12 begins a look foward to the settlement of promised land and a royal dynasty.