Overview of 2Chronicles

14th book of the BIBLE, Old Testament and 9th among the 12 historical books

Includes a detailed record of temple construction

The first part of 2 Chronicles (1—9) outlines the reign of King Solomon.

2 Chronicles consists of chapters 10—36. concentrates almost exclusively on the southern kingdom of Judah and treats the history of the northern kingdom of Israel as incidental.

Chapters 1-9 cover the 40 years

Chapters 10-36 cover the 393 years

Approximately 70% of chapters 10-36 deals with the 8 good kings of Judah, leaving only 30% to cover the 12 evil rulers.

6 of the first 9 chapters concern the construction and dedication of the Temple.

During Solomon’s reign, Israel’s boundaries extend to their greatest point.

Four legendary things about Solomon:

His wealth

His palace

His wisdom

His Temple