Outline of Proverbs

20 Mar 2020 Book of Proverbs

I. Instructions to Seek Wisdom: Pro. 1:1-9:18

A. Bad Company and Good Counsel: Pro_1:1-33

1. Title: Pro_1:1
2. Purpose: Pro_1:2-6
3. Theme: Pro_1:7
4. Call to Attention: Pro_1:8-9
5. Warning Against Bad Company: Pro_1:10-18
6. Summary Appraisal: Pro_1:19
7. Wisdom’s Denunciation of Fools: Pro_1:20-31
8. Antithetic Summary: Pro_1:32-33

B. Perverted Speech and Loose Sexuality: Pro_2:1-22

1. Argument: Pro_2:1-9
2. Illustrations: Pro_2:10-15
3. The Illustration of the Immoral Woman: Pro_2:16-20
4. Antithetic Summary: Pro_2:21-22

C. Admonitions to Piety and Arguments for Sagacity: Pro_3:1-35

1. Admonitions to Piety—A: Pro_3:1-12
2. A Practical Argument for Sagacity: Pro_3:13-18
3. A Theological Argument for Sagacity: Pro_3:19-20
4. Admonitions to Piety—B: Pro_3:21-26
5. Admonitions to Generosity: Pro_3:27-32
6. Antithetic Summary: Pro_3:33-35

D. Personal Illustration and Practical Advice: Pro_4:1-27

1. Call to Attention: Pro_4:1-2
2. Personal Illustration: Pro_4:3-9
3. Practical Exhortations: Pro_4:10-17
4. Antithetic Summary: Pro_4:18-19
5. More Practical Exhortations: Pro_4:20-27

E. Bitter Honey and Sweet Water: Pro_5:1-23

1. Beware the Wanton’s Wily Words: Pro_5:1-6
2. Beware the Dire Result of Adultery: Pro_5:7-14
3. Practice Fidelity with Joy: Pro_5:15-20
4. Negative Concluding Summary: Pro_5:21-23

F. Social Responsibility and Family Unity: Pro_6:1-35

1. Disengage Yourselves from Rash Pledges: Pro_6:1-5
2. Learn Diligence from the Ant: Pro_6:6-11
3. Perverse People Are Dangerous: Pro_6:12-15
4. Divisive People Are Deadly: Pro_6:16-19
5. Call to Attention: Pro_6:20-22
6. Shun Adultery: Pro_6:23-35

G. Smooth Coaxings and Deadly Results: Pro_7:1-27

1. Introductory Call to Attention—Positive: Pro_7:1-5
2. Illustration from Personal Observation: Pro_7:6-23
3. Concluding Call to Attention—Negative: Pro_7:24-27

H. Ancient Credentials and Contemporary Calling: Pro_8:1-36

1. Introductory Call to Attention—Extended: Pro_8:1-9
2. Self-Description of Assets: Pro_8:10-21
3. Self-Description of Presence at Creation: Pro_8:22-31
4. Concluding Call to Attention: Pro_8:32-33
5. Beatitude as Summary: Pro_8:34
6. Antithetic Summary: Pro_8:35-36

I. Two Calls and Two Responses: Pro_9:1-18

1. Description of Wisdom’s Wholesome Invitation: Pro_9:1-6
2. Admonitions on Differences Between Scoffers and Wise: Pro_9:7-9
3. Theme Repeated from 1:7: Inclusion: Pro_9:10-11
4. Antithetic Summary: Pro_9:12
5. Description of Folly’s Fatal Invitation: Pro_9:13-18

II. Proverbs of Solomon: Pro. 10:1-22:16 (Note: The detached nature of the proverbs in this section makes detailed analysis impossible. In stead, this outline pinpoints the topics discussed in each chapter of the commentary.)

A. Wisdom and Work: Pro_10:1-32

1. Rewards for Conduct
2. Diligence in Work

B. Generosity and Rashness: Pro_11:1-31

1. Generosity in Giving
2. The Risks of Rash Pledges

C. Honesty and Kindness: Pro_12:1-28

1. Honest Speaking
2. Kindness to Animals

D. Violence and Hope: Pro_13:1-25

1. The Dangers of Violence
2. The Significance of Hope

E. Fear of the Lord and Control of the Self: Pro_14:1-35

1. Reverent Obedience
2. Personal Discipline

F. Prudent Speech and Fervent Prayer: Pro_15:1-33

1. Effective Conversation
2. Devout Worship

G. The Lord’s Eyes and the King’s Face: Pro_16:1-33

1. Dependence on God
2. Respect for the King

H. Family Ties and Friendly Bonds: Pro_17:1-28

1. Honor to Parents
2. Love of Friends

I. Peace in Society and Purity in Speech: Pro_18:1-24

1. Peace in Society
2. Integrity in Conversation

J. Open Ears and Full Hands: Pro_19:1-29

1. Heeding Instruction
2. Handling Wealth

K. Firm Hands and Fair Scales: Pro_20:1-30

1. Discipline of Children
2. Honesty in Business

L. Rewards of Conduct and Problems of Pride: Pro_21:1-31

1. Risks of Folly
2. Gains of Humility

M. Cautious Conduct and Passionate Justice: Pro_22:1-16

1. Disciplining Ourselves
2. Defending Others

III. Words of the Wise: Pro. 22:17-24:34

A. Words of the Wise: First Collection: Pro. 22:17-24:22

1. Saying 1. Call to Attention to Value of Wisdom: Pro_22:17-21
2. Saying 2. Admonition on Care for the Poor: Pro_22:22-23
3. Saying 3. Admonition on Associating with the Angry: Pro_22:24-25
4. Saying 4. Admonition on Rash Pledges: Pro_22:26-27
5. Saying 5. Admonition on Moving Boundaries: Pro_22:28
6. Saying 6. Question on the Importance of Talent: Pro_22:29
7. Saying 7. Admonitions on Etiquette with Royalty: Pro_23:1-3
8. Saying 8. Admonition on Financial Ambition: Pro_23:4-5
9. Saying 9. Admonition on Eating with the Stingy: Pro_23:6-8
10. Saying 10. Admonition on Wasting Words on Fools: Pro_23:9
11. Saying 11. Admonition on Moving Boundaries: Pro_23:10-11
12. Saying 12. Admonition to Wisdom: Pro_23:12
13. Saying 13. Admonition on Discipline of Children: Pro_23:13-14
14. Saying 14. Expression of Hope by the Teacher: Pro_23:15-16
15. Saying 15. Admonition on Fear of the Lord: Pro_23:17-18
16. Saying 16. Call to Attention: Pro_23:19
17. Saying 17. Admonition on Temperance: Pro_23:20-21
18. Saying 18. Call to Attention to Wisdom of Parents: Pro_23:22-25
19. Saying 19. Call to Attention: Pro_23:26
20. Saying 20. Description of a Harlot: Pro_23:27-28
21. Saying 21. Questions and Admonitions on Drunkenness: Pro_23:29-35
22. Saying 22. Admonition on Envy of Evil Persons: Pro_24:1-2
23. Saying 23. Descriptions of Wisdom’s Importance: Pro_24:3-7
24. Saying 24. Descriptions of the Evils of Folly: Pro_24:8-9
25. Saying 25. Description and Admonition on Helping Others: Pro_24:10-12
26. Saying 26. Admonition on the Delight of Wisdom: Pro_24:13-14
27. Saying 27. Admonition on Violence: Pro_24:15-16
28. Saying 28. Admonition on Gloating over Enemies: Pro_24:17-18
29. Saying 29. Admonition on Envy of Evil Ones: Pro_24:19-20
30. Saying 30. Admonition on Fearing God and the King: Pro_24:21-22

B. Words of the Wise: Second Collection: Pro_24:23-34

1. Saying 1. Descriptions of Partiality in Law: Pro_24:23-26
2. Saying 2. Admonition on Priorities: Pro_24:27
3. Saying 3. Admonitions on Witnessing Against a Neighbor: Pro_24:28-29
4. Saying 4. Reflection and Description of Laziness: Pro_24:30-34

IV. Proverbs of Solomon Through Hezekiah’s Scribes: Pro. 25:1-29:27

A. Righteous Rule, Wise Speech, and Generous Heart: Pro_25:1-28

1. Respect for the King’s Rule
2. Regard for Proper Speech
3. Responsibility for Generosity

B. Honest Speech and Careful Conduct: Pro_26:1-28

1. Danger in Ill-Chosen Words
2. Hazards of Hasty Action

C. Labor, Love, and Grace: Pro_27:1-27

1. Hard Work
2. Warm Affections
3. Feminine Dignity

D. Poor and Rich; Righteous and Foolish: Pro_28:1-28

1. Risks of Wealth
2. Righteousness and Folly: Perpetual Enemies

E. Discipline: Ourselves and Our Families: Pro_29:1-27

1. Discipline of Self
2. Discipline of Families

V. Words of Agur: Pro_30:1-33

A. Title: Pro_30:1
B. Confession/Dispute of Ignorance: Pro_30:2-4
C. Admonition on God’s Word: Pro_30:5-6
D. Prayer for Moderate Blessings: Pro_30:7-9
E. Admonition on Slandering a Servant: Pro_30:10
F. Description of Spiteful Behavior: Pro_30:11-14
G. Numerical Sayings on Greed: Pro_30:15-16
H. Saying on Respect for Parents: Pro_30:17
I. Numerical Saying on Love: Pro_30:18-19
J. Description of a Callous Adulteress: Pro_30:20
K. Numerical Saying on Social Chaos: Pro_30:21-23
L. Numerical Saying on Wise Behavior: Pro_30:24-28
M. Numerical Saying on Stateliness: Pro_30:29-31
N. Admonition on Anger: Pro_30:32-33

VI. Words of Lemuel: Pro_31:1-31

A. Title: Pro_31:1
B. Admonitions on Royal Discipline: What to Avoid: Pro_31:2-7
C. What to Advocate: Pro_31:8-9
D. Acrostic Sayings on an Excellent Woman: Pro_31:10-31