Outline of Nehemiah

17 Mar 2020 Book of Nehemiah

I. Restoration of the Wall through Nehemiah (Neh. 1:1-7:73)
A. Introduction to Nehemiah (Neh_1:1-11)
1. Dire Report and Deep Response (Neh_1:1-4)
2. Nehemiah’s Prayer (Neh_1:5-11)

B. Nehemiah Prepares to Rebuild (Neh_2:1-20)
1. Nehemiah Secures the King’s Blessing (Neh_2:1-8)
2. First Encounter with the Regional Leaders (Neh_2:9-10)
3. Nehemiah’s Secret Survey of the Wall (Neh_2:11-16)
4. Nehemiah Rallies the Troops (Neh_2:17-18)
5. First Clash with the Opponents (Neh_2:19-20)

C. Teamwork in Rebuilding the Wall: List of Builders and Their Assignments (Neh_3:1-32)

D. Confronting and Overcoming Opposition (Neh. 4:1-6:19)
1. Nehemiah Confronts Mockery (Neh_4:1-6)
2. Nehemiah Confronts the Threat of Attack (Neh_4:7-23)
3. Nehemiah Confronts Internal Conflict (Neh_5:1-19)
a. The People Complain (Neh_5:1-5)
b. Nehemiah’s Response (Neh_5:6-13)
c. Nehemiah’s Sacrifice (Neh_5:14-19)
4. Nehemiah Confronts Personal Attacks (Neh_6:1-19)
a. Attempt to Distract and Endanger Nehemiah (Neh_6:1-4)
b. Attempt to Libel Nehemiah (Neh_6:5-9)
c. Attempt to Disgrace Nehemiah (Neh_6:10-14)
d. Completion of the Wall (Neh_6:15-16)
e. Opposition Continues (Neh_6:17-19)

E. Jerusalem After the Wall (Neh_7:1-73)
1. Guarding Jerusalem (Neh_7:1-3)
2. Registration of Residents (Neh_7:4-73)

II. Restoration of Covenant Life, Phase Two: Ezra and Nehemiah Together (Neh. 8:1-13:31)

A. Renewal Through Understanding and Celebrating the Law (Neh_8:1-18)
1. Reading and Understanding the Law (Neh_8:1-8)
2. The People Respond (Neh_8:9-12)
3. The Feast of Booths (Neh_8:13-18)

B. Renewal Through Confession (Neh_9:1-37)
1. Description of the Assembly (Neh_9:1-5)
2. The Confession (Neh_9:6-37)

C. Renewal of the Covenant with God (Neh. 9:38-10:39)
1. Sealing the Firm Agreement (Neh. 9:38-10:29)
2. Specific Tenets of the Firm Agreement (Neh_10:30-39)

D. Ordering a Renewed People (Neh. 11:1-12:26)
1. Settlers in Jerusalem (Neh_11:1-24)
2. Villages Where People Settled (Neh_11:25-36)
3. Identifying the Priests and Levites (Neh_12:1-26)

E. Dedication of the Wall (Neh_12:27-43)
1. Preparation for Celebration (Neh_12:27-30)
2. Dedication of the Wall (Neh_12:31-43)

F. A Day of Obedience (Neh. 12:44-13:3)
1. Israel Gives the Required Portions (Neh_12:44-47)
2. Separation from Foreigners (Neh_13:1-3)

G. Shoring Up Restoration Life: Nehemiah’s Second Term (Neh_13:4-31)
1. Restoring the Holiness of the Temple (Neh_13:4-14)
2. Restoring the Holiness of the Sabbath (Neh_13:15-22)
3. Restoring the Holiness of the People (Neh_13:24-31)