Outline of Esther

17 Mar 2020 Book of Esther

I. Prelude to the Story of Esther (Est_1:1-22)

A. Introduction to King Ahasuerus (Est_1:1-9)
B. Queen Vashti Dethroned (Est_1:10-22)

II. Esther Becomes Queen (Est_2:1-18)

A. Plan to Select a New Queen (Est_2:1-4)
B. Introduction to Mordecai and Esther (Est_2:5-7)
C. Esther Promoted to Queen (Est_2:8-18)

III. Mordecai Saves the King’s Life (Est_2:19-23)
IV. Haman Issues a Royal Decree to Destroy the Jews (Est_3:1-15)

A. Mordecai Defies Haman (Est_3:1-4)
B. Haman’s Angry Response to Mordecai (Est_3:5-7)
C. Haman Persuades the King to Issue a Decree Against the Jews (Est_3:8-15)

V. The Response of Esther and Mordecai to Haman’s Plot (Est_4:1-17)

A. Mordecai and the Jews Mourn (Est_4:1-3)
B. Esther and Mordecai Debate Esther’s Response (Est_4:4-17)

VI. Esther Gains the King’s Favor (Est_5:1-8)

A. Esther Approaches the King (Est_5:1-5)
B. Esther’s First Banquet (Est_5:6-8)

VII. Haman’s Prideful Obsession (Est_5:9-14)

VIII. The King Honors Mordecai Over Haman (Est_6:1-14)

A. The King’s Sleepless Night (Est_6:1-3)
B. Haman Forced to Honor Mordecai (Est_6:4-11)
C. Haman’s Downfall Predicted (Est_6:12-14)

IX. Esther Defeats Haman (Est_7:1-10)
X. Mordecai Issues a New Royal Decree for Jewish Self-Defense (Est_8:1-17)

A. Esther Appeals for Her People (Est_8:1-8)
B. A New Royal Decree Written by Mordecai (Est_8:9-14)
C. The Impact of Jewish Vindication (Est_8:15-17)

XI. The Jews Defend Themselves (Est_9:1-19)

A. Successful Defense on Adar 13 (Est_9:1-10)
B. Additional Defense on Adar 14 (Est_9:11-15)
C. Overlapping Days for Fighting and Feasting (Est_9:16-19)

XII. Mordecai and Esther Establish Purim (Est_9:20-32)

A. Mordecai’s Letter Institutes Purim (Est_9:20-28)
B. Queen Esther Joins Mordecai in Support of Purim (Est_9:29-32)

XIII. Epilogue in Praise of Mordecai (Est_10:1-3)