Numbers Outline

Part One: At Sinai: Num. 1:1-10:10

I. The Numbering and Arrangement of the Tribes: Num. 1:1-2:34

A. The Census and Its Officers: Num_1:1-16
B. The Result of the Census: Num_1:17-46
C. The Levites—A Special Case: Num_1:47-54
D. Each in His Appointed Place: Num_2:1-2
E. The Organization of the Camp and the March: Num_2:3-34

II. The Levites, Their Numbers and Duties: Num. 3:1-4:49

A. The Sons of Aaron: Num_3:1-4
B. The Levites—Servants to the Priests: Num_3:5-13
C. The Numbering of the Levites: Num_3:14-39
D. Standing in for the Firstborn: Num_3:40-51
E. The Sons of Kohath: Num_4:1-20
F. The Sons of Gershon: Num_4:21-28
G. The Sons of Merari: Num_4:29-33
H. To Each His Appointed Task: Num_4:34-49

III. The Cleansing and Blessing of the Congregation: Num. 5:1-6:27

A. The Exclusion of the Unclean: Num_5:1-4
B. The Question of Misappropriated Property: Num_5:5-10
C. Trial by Ordeal: Num_5:11-31
D. The Law of the Nazirite: Num_6:1-21
E. The Aaronic Blessing: Num_6:22-27

IV. The Offerings of the Israelite Princes: Num_7:1-89

A. The Spontaneous Giving: Num_7:1-9
B. The Offerings of the Chief Men: Num_7:10-89

V. The Consecration of the Levites: Num_8:1-26

A. The Golden Lampstand: Num_8:1-4
B. The Purification of the Levites: Num_8:5-22
C. The Age Limits for Service: Num_8:23-26

VI. The Passover at Sinai: Num_9:1-14

A. The Passover: Num_9:1-5
B. The Problem of Ritual Uncleanness: Num_9:6-14

VII. The Divine Provision for the March: Num. 9:15-10:10

A. The Cloud: Num_9:15-23
B. The Silver Trumpets: Num_10:1-10

Part Two: In The Wilderness: Num. 10:11-21:35

VIII. From Sinai to Paran: Num. 10:11-12:16

A. Departure from Sinai: Num_10:11-28
B. Hobab and the Ark: Num_10:29-32
C. The Ark in the Vanguard: Num_10:33-36
D. Fire in the Camp: Num_11:1-3
E. The Spirit of Murmuring: Num_11:4-10
F. Moses’ Plaint: Num_11:11-15
G. The Divine Response: Num_11:16-24
H. The Spirit of the Lord: Num_11:24-30
I. The Quail: Num_11:31-35
J. The Vindication of Moses: Num_12:1-10
K. Mercy Shown to Miriam: Num_12:11-16

IX. The Spies at Kadesh Barnea: Num. 13:1-14:45

A. The Choice of the Spies: Num_13:1-20
B. The Journey into Canaan: Num_13:21-25
C. The Return of the Spies: Num_13:26-33
D. Uproar and Revolt Among the People: Num_14:1-10
E. The Intercession of Moses: Num_14:11-25
F. The Sentence Passed on the People: Num_14:26-38
G. The Defeat at Hormah: Num_14:39-45

X. Various Laws and Regulations: Num_15:1-41

A. Instructions on Various Offerings: Num_15:1-16
B. The Law of the Heave Offering: Num_15:17-21
C. Offering for Unintentional Sin: Num_15:22-31
D. Violation of the Sabbath: Num_15:32-36
E. The Wearing of Tassels: Num_15:37-41

XI. The Rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram: Num. 16:1-17:13

A. The Issues at Stake: Num_16:1-7
B. Moses Rebukes the Levites: Num_16:8-11
C. Moses Defied: Num_16:12-15
D. The Showdown: Num_16:16-24
E. The Punishment of the Rebels: Num_16:25-35
F. The Censer Memorial: Num_16:36-40
G. The Plague: Num_16:41-50
H. Aaron’s Rod that Budded: Num_17:1-13

XII. The Service of the Priests and Levites: Num_18:1-32

A. The Duties of Levi: Num_18:1-7
B. The Revenues of the Priests: Num_18:8-20
C. The Revenues of the Levites: Num_18:21-24
D. The Priests’ Tithe: Num_18:25-32

XIII. The Laws of Purification: Num_19:1-22

A. The Ashes of the Red Heifer: Num_19:1-10
B. General Rules as to Purification: Num_19:11-13
C. Special Rules of Purification: Num_19:14-22

XIV. From Kadesh to Moab: Num. 20:1-21:35

A. The Incident at Meribah: Num_20:1-13
B. Edom’s Refusal: Num_20:14-21
C. The Death of Aaron: Num_20:22-29
D. The Victory at Hormah: Num_21:1-3
E. The Bronze Serpent: Num_21:4-9
F. The Journey: Num_21:10-20
G. The Defeat of Sihon and Og: Num_21:21-35

Part Three: In The Plains Of Moab: Num. 22:1-36:13

XV. The “Balaam” Incident: Num. 22:1-24:25

A. Invitation and Refusal: Num_22:1-14
B. The Warning Voice of God: Num_22:15-21
C. The Donkey and the Angel: Num_22:22-35
D. Balaam and Balak: Num_22:36-41
E. The First Oracle: Num_23:1-12
F. The Second Oracle: Num_23:13-26
G. The Third Oracle: Num. 23:27-24:13
H. The Farewell Message: Num_24:14-25

XVI. Various Laws and Incidents: Num. 25:1-31:54

A. The Sin of Baal-Peor: Num_25:1-5
B. The Zeal and Reward of Phinehas: Num_25:6-15
C. The Punishment of the Midianites: Num_25:16-18
D. The Command to Moses and Eleazar: Num_26:1-4
E. The Second Census: Num_26:5-51
F. The Faithfulness of God: Num_26:52-65
G. The Inheritance of Daughters: Num_27:1-11
H. Moses and His Successor: Num_27:12-23
I. Daily Offerings: Num_28:1-8
J. Offerings for Sabbath and New Moon: Num_28:9-15
K. Offerings at Passover: Num_28:16-25
L. Offerings at the Feast of Weeks: Num_28:26-31
M. The Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement: Num_29:1-11
N. The Feast of Tabernacles: Num_29:12-40
O. The Law Concerning Vows: Num_30:1-16
P. The Defeat of Midian: Num_31:1-12
Q. The Return of the Warriors: Num_31:13-18
R. The Purification of the Army: Num_31:19-24
S. The Division of the Spoil: Num_31:25-54

XVII. Miscellaneous Topographical Narratives: Num. 32:1-36:13

A. Request for the Territory of East Jordan: Num_32:1-15
B. The Promises Made by Reuben and Gad: Num_32:16-33
C. The Conquest of Gilead by Manasseh: Num_32:34-42
D. The Journeys of Israel: Num_33:1-4
E. From Rameses to Sinai: Num_33:5-15
F. From Sinai to Ezion Geber: Num_33:16-35
G. From Ezion Geber to Moab: Num_33:36-49
H. Instructions for the Conquest of Canaan: Num_33:50-56
I. The Appointed Boundaries of Canaan: Num_34:1-15
J. The Appointment of Supervisors: Num_34:16-29
K. Cities for the Levites: Num_35:1-8
L. The Cities of Refuge: Num_35:9-15
M. Definition of Manslaughter: Num_35:16-25
N. Various Provisions and Warnings: Num_35:26-34
O. Daughters’ Rights of Inheritance: Num_36:1-13