Life Lessons in Ruth

5 Nov 2018 Book of Ruth



Hospitality involves exhibiting kindness and generosity to strangers. God asks us to treat strangers as well as we would treat a friend or relative.

Practice hospitality to strangers.

Bless them freely, even as you would someone you know and love. Boaz blessed Ruth; and God, in turn, blessed Boaz.

Boaz was a close relative, or redeemer, to Ruth and Naomi. He bought back their lives from calamity, bitterness, poverty, potential abuse, barrenness, and social ostracism. As a type of Christ, Boaz’s redemption of Ruth helps us to better understand the tremendous redemption that Jesus’ life purchased for us.

Understand and praise God that He has not left us without a redeemer! Jesus, our redeemer, is our restorer of life and our sustainer. Understanding this glorious truth unleashes heartfelt devotion to the Lord.

The Book of Ruth is full of principles regarding righteous, godly relationships. Ruth is a supreme example of someone who places a high priority on personal relationships. She exemplifies loyalty, servanthood, diligence, and moral righteousness. Great blessing and health can be found in learning to relate to others as Ruth did.

Determine to remain loyal to those to whom you are committed. Do not be dissuaded from following through on your word.

Learn to serve. God calls us to serve those with whom we are in relationship.

Know that God honors those with a servant’s heart.

Remember, Jesus Himself came not to be served, but to serve (Mark 10:45).

Ruth’s life is a beautiful picture of both faith and faithfulness. When given the option to return to her own family and their gods, she chose instead to put her faith in the Lord and remain loyal to Naomi. The way of faith and blessing is seldom comfortable, but God’s presence is its worthy reward.

Choose faith over the familiar. Orpah returned to her people and her gods, but Ruth chose the God of Israel. Remain steadfast in your loyalty to the Lord; do not turn back to the familiar things of the world. In choosing God and His ways, we can rest in knowing that He will provide for us; He will cover us; and He will redeem us.

Proper relationship to authority is characteristic of godly people. Faithful loving obedience is a key characteristic of such a right response to authority

Obey legitimate authority.

Believe that GOD will bless such obedience in ways you can not expect