Life Lessons in Psalms

20 Mar 2020 Book of Psalms



Knowing and believing that GOD is omniscient will keep us from trying to hide from HIM

  • Understand that GOD sees and knows all things. Believe that nothing you do is hidden from HIM
  • Understand that GOD saves and blesses HIS people because of HIS Name that is HIS Honor and not because of their works of righteousness.

Godly living is birthed out of knowing God personally. An intimate, personal relationship with Him will effect permanent positive change in your life.

The Bible often speaks of God blessing His people, rewarding them for their godly behavior. As we grow in godliness, we begin to understand that God blesses us with a purpose in mind—blessing us that we might be a blessing to others and so that the nations of the Earth will come to know Him (Gen. 12:2).

Godly living embraces the godly training and care of our children. A godly life also includes adopting God’s concerns for the widow, the orphan, the foreigner, the poor, and the needy.

Each one is dear to the heart of God. Prayer and intercession are intricately woven into the fabric of the Psalms, as they are to be woven into the daily life of the believer.

Take your concerns, your praise, your needs, and those of others to the Father. He cares for you.

Then take the next step and ask God to show you how to pray for the things on His heart. Be willing to stand in the gap, praying that the way things are will become the way God wants them to be (Ezek. 22:30).

The Word of God is a treasure beyond compare. The believer finds a wealth beyond this world, sweeter than honey, more costly than gold, and to be desired above all else. The Word will transform, heal, and lead you into a deeper relationship with our loving Lord.

  • Study and think deeply about the Bible regularly.
  • Delight in Scripture; it will teach you who God is and guide you in the decisions of life.
  • Ponder God’s creation and all that you can learn about who God is through it.
  • Thank God regularly that He has revealed Himself, His will, and His promises to you in His Word.
  • Delight in and seek time with God. The more you know Him, the more you will love to behold His matchless beauty.
  • Live in a way that pleases the Lord, knowing that He rewards us according to our deeds.
  • Understand that God blesses us and pours out His favor on us so that His salvation would reach to the ends of the Earth. We are to be good stewards of this high calling and sharers of His blessings.
  • Join what God is doing in the nations. Give to the needy; work on behalf of the poor. Extend God’s blessing in the Earth that His name will be praised among the nations.
  • Give both quality and quantity time to training up your children in the ways of the Lord. Tell them the stories of God’s acts. Lovingly teach them God’s ways and God’s Word so that they might follow Him all the days of their lives (Prov. 22:6).
  • Ask God to give you His heart for the poor and needy. Understand that their care and provision are foremost on His heart. Seek diligently to help them whenever it is within your power to do so.
  • Pray the Word. Claim God’s promises for yourself and for others by praying Scripture.
  • As you read this psalm, make it your personal prayer by praying it to the Lord. For example you might pray verse 4 something like this: “Lord, cover me with Your feathers, for under Your wings I take refuge. Let Your truth be a shield for me; let it protect me and cover me.”
  • Pray for the oppressed; stand in prayer against injustice and anything that opposes God.
  • Intercede on behalf of God’s people. Moses did not allow personal ambition or disappointment to stop him from pouring out his heart in prayer for God’s people. His motivation was to see God glorified, and his goal was the restoration of the people of God (Ex. 32:1–14).
  • Study the works of God. Enjoy the Bible and delight in it. Great blessing is promised to those who do.
  • Place great value on the Word of God. It exceeds all earth’s values.
  • Read and memorize Scripture so that it begins to guide your thinking and affect your speech.
  • Know God’s Word; it will guide your steps and show you the path on which you are to walk.
  • Allow the Truth to comfort you and give you hope, realizing that God knows you intimately.
  • He loves you more than you can imagine and is present with you in every place and in every situation.
  • Honor the LORD JESUS CHRIST in your speech and conduct
  • Let GOD fill your thoughts and thus avoid wickedness
  • Speak and think only in ways that you know please the LORD
  • Understand that righteousness actively rejects wrongdoing
  • Voice any complaints to GOD alone
  • Be zealous that the purposes of GOD be fulfilled in and through the church
  • Be faithful to bear witness to JESUS CHRIST as LORD and Savior
  • Avoid letting a grieved heart become an embittered spirit
  • When bewildered spend time in GOD’s presence to gain proper understanding and perspective
  • Strive for the unity of the church in all you do
  • Sow to righteousness through deeds of righteous obedience for a rich harvest
  • Practice obedience to GOD’s WORD. Understand that it’s the key to further understanding
  • Order all your life according to GOD’s WORD as the key to purity
  • Seek GOD and cultivate the fear of the LORD doing so leads to wisdom and results in great blessing

Radical, passionate, life-changing devotion bursts forth in our lives from one primary source: consistently being in the presence of the Lord.

There are many varied and wonderfully diverse ways to express worship to God biblically. Worshiping God in forms that are new to us, though possibly uncomfortable at first, can bring freshness and joy into our devotional life. Search the Psalms for new expressions of worship that you have not yet experienced and incorporate them into your devotional time with the Lord.

God is gloriously present when we worship Him as His Word instructs.

God desires for our hearts to be undivided, fully devoted to Him, daily choosing Him above all else in all decisions of our lives.

Singing is a dynamic and vital part of our devotional life with God. The Psalms refer to singing more than seventy times. Even if you feel that you do not sing well, know that your heavenly Father loves the sound of your voice (Song 2:14). It is not important how well you sing, but simply that you sing. Praise is a pathway to joy.

Expressive praise, innovative music, and joyful singing are all dynamic elements of a vibrant and fulfilling devotional life with God.

  • Know that abundant life, fulfillment, delight, and joy are found in the presence of the Lord.
  • Stay in God’s presence, for there you will find wisdom and protection from those who would rise up against you.
  • Follow David’s example by recognizing that it is in God’s presence that you will find grace, honor, mercy, faithfulness, great joy, and gladness.
  • Hide in God’s presence. It is a place of shelter and safety.
  • Hunger and thirst for God. If you lack that

kind of yearning, ask Him to give it to you.

  • God delights to satisfy our hunger for Him.
  • Sing, shout, and clap your hands to the Lord in worship. He is worthy of your praise!
  • Sing aloud of God’s mercy and faithfulness to you. Recount, in song, ways God has acted on your behalf.
  • Quietly wait before the Lord. Trust in who God is, and rest in knowing that He will save you.
  • Do not hesitate to raise your hands as you worship the Lord.
  • Rejoice exceedingly with great gladness before the Lord. Joyfully praise the Lord with your whole heart.
  • Spend time in God’s presence to gain understanding when you feel confused.
  • Be comforted, knowing that even when you fail, God understands your weaknesses and forgives you when you ask Him.
  • Choose God’s presence above worldly favor.
  • God will protect you, give grace, and give good things to you.
  • Earnestly seek an undivided heart, the fear of the Lord, and a heart of praise.
  • Sing praises to the Most High God. The psalmist tells us that it is good to sing praises in the morning and in the evening.
  • Sing and shout joyfully to the Lord. If we can shout at other public events, surely we can give loud and enthusiastic praise to God when with His people. Freely shout His praise with all of your heart and strength.
  • Sing a new song to the Lord. Whether you are a professional musician or simply one who has a thankful heart, put your praise into song.
  • Offer your song to God as a sacrifice of praise. It is pleasing to the Lord.
  • Understand that worship and praise are powerful weapons in spiritual warfare.
  • Make praise a daily part of your devotional life’s habit. Let it be joyous, relevant, and strong.
  • Dance before the Lord in worship and praise. Remember how David danced in worship to the Lord (2 Sam. 6:14).
  • Welcome all types of musical instruments to praise the Lord. Give place to creative praise toward Him!
  • Practice regular BIBLE meditation
  • Delight in the scriptures and let them be your guide
  • Seek the LORD in the morning
  • Wait on HIM expectantly to speak to your heart and spirit
  • Prioritize private and corporate worship
  • Make time with GOD and HIS people your high priority and your delight
  • Testify regularly to GOD’s goodness in your life
  • Choose to live a life of disciplined obedience as GOD’s servant
  • Offer your life to GOD daily as a living sacrifice.
  • Consider yourself dead to personal ambition

It is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit that enables us to make those radical changes in the way we talk, live, and think.

Holiness is most beautifully displayed in a broken and contrite spirit—one that is submitted to God, not arrogant or proud, but humble and moldable in God’s hand.

Holiness is understood and learned by going directly to its source, the Holy One of Israel. Search the Scriptures to learn the truth of God’s holiness; spend time worshiping God to be transformed by His holiness; ask the Holy Spirit to enable you to walk in holiness.

Attempting to hide sin is part of human nature. As Adam and Eve tried to hide, we do the same. Face sin, whether past or present. Though never spoken of to anyone, perhaps too embarrassing even to speak God, unconfessed sin keeps us from the fullness of life and joy He desires for us.

Take “secret sins” to the Lord; He already knows about it and, in Jesus, has already provided your forgiveness.

A healthy fear of the Lord is a strong motivator to walk in holiness. When we have revelation (life-changing understanding) of God’s holiness, purity, and perfection, we stand in awe and amazement of Him. This reverence motivates us to walk in His ways and to follow His commandments.

  • Do not take ungodly advice, stay away from activities that lead to sin and do not become cynical. Instead, enjoy God’s ways, and set your heart on God’s Word.
  • Embrace the discipline and correction of the Lord. Know that you will be blessed when you trust in Him.
  • Do not speak out of anger. Take time to think, lie down, be still, and righteously reflect on the situation (Eph. 4:26). Put your trust in God.
  • Honor commitments and your word even when it is costly to do so.
  • Focus your words and your thoughts on things that please and honor God.
  • Ask God to create a clean heart in you. Seek God’s forgiveness; it is the pathway to joy.
  • Recognize that a soft heart and humble spirit are pleasing to the Lord.
  • Get to know the Holy One of Israel. Worship Him in the beauty of His holiness. As you do, this experience develops personal holiness (2 Cor. 3:18). Remember that His holiness is imparted to you through Jesus Christ, and thereby, the possibility of the Holy Spirit’s enabling you to walk a holy life (1 Pet. 1:13–19).
  • Recognize that the sin we think we have kept secret is known fully to God. Since He knows, there is no sense in trying to hide anymore. Go to the Lord, speak openly of your sin, and receive forgiveness. Seek a compassionate, trusted, spiritually mature person with whom you can share your struggle. Pray together that you may be healed (James 5:16).
  • Remember that in Christ Jesus, God has made a way for your complete forgiveness, healing, and restoration of life. Receive His tender mercy and lovingkindness for you—love beyond measure. Understand that, in Christ, God has removed your sin entirely.
  • Understand that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
  • Trust in the Lord, you who fear Him, for He will shield you and bless you.
  • Walk in God’s righteousness, it will revive you.
  • Devote yourself to the fear of the Lord.
  • Call upon the Lord, knowing that He will hear you. He saves and fulfills the desire of those who fear Him.
  • Know that the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him. Put your hope in His mercy.
  • Do not conduct your life as the world does
  • Do not participate in questionable activities and do not be cynical
  • Live distinctively from the world as GOD’s own people
  • Understand that allowing evil to develop in your heart will result in disillusionment and bring un necessary trouble into your life
  • Avoid nullifying your prayers by planning, harbouring or entertaining sin or wickedness in your heart
  • Guard your eyes zealously. Your inner life is affected by the things you focus on
  • Do not put your trust in things you have built for security. Know that GOD calls this idolatry
  • Seek illumination from GOD’s eternal WORD and not from man’s finite wisdom
  • Set your affections on doing GOD’s WORD rather than on personal gain
  • Know that employing you skills for the LORD is futile without HIS presence and anointing upon them

Walking in faith gives us the opportunity to trust God to fulfill His Word, to trust in His character, and to believe what the Bible teaches. Following God is an exciting journey of faith!

Examples abound of faith in God in spite of circumstances. Though  situations arise that seem overwhelming, hopeless, oppressive, and fearful, the Psalms point to God as our refuge.

Each of us experiences times of anguish, trials, and sorrow. The Psalms are forthright about the heart wrenching struggles people face. The simple lesson is that God is not offended by our cries, our fears, our doubts, or our questions. Speak to Him anyway. God proves His faithfulness.

You will begin to be strengthened through even the most difficult of


The walk of faith builds its hope for the future on God’s proven faithfulness in the past. When encountering faith challenges, recall the faithfulness of the Lord. Like the psalmist, declare His faithfulness in prayer and in praise.

Faith is the substance, or assurance, of our hope (Heb. 11:1). As we learn to walk in faith, we find that hope begins to rise within us. The Psalms teach us to put our hope in God, and faith assures us that such hope in God does not disappoint (Rom. 5:5).

  • Trust in the Lord. You can confidently believe that He will never leave you or abandon you.
  • Put your faith in the Word of God, for it has been proven to be absolutely trustworthy (2 Pet. 1:1–4).
  • Expect that Jesus, your Shepherd, will care for you. Rest, knowing that He will refresh you, walk with you, comfort you, nourish you, and protect you.
  • Set your heart on the Lord. Intentionally commit all of your plans to God daily. Trust Him, and wait patiently for Him.
  • Know that God can give you hope when circumstances indicate there is none. Hope in God, for you shall yet praise Him. Remember, He has promised to be present with you both day and night.
  • Set your heart on the Lord, your refuge and shelter in every trouble.
  • Cast, throw, fling your burdens on the Lord.
  • Do not hold onto them yourself. God is able to take them and desires to carry your troubles for you.
  • Recognize that everyone feels afraid at times.
  • Faith can turn fear into trust. Each time you feel afraid, choose to trust in the Lord. Set your eyes on the Lord; He is greater than anything you fear.
  • Cry out to God when you are troubled. The psalmist was so deeply distraught that he could not even sleep.
  • Understand, and be comforted. When you feel God is distant, He is still present beyond our feeling. Remember, feelings not based in truth call us to faith. Praise can move you beyond despair.
  • Take practical steps to move from despair to faith. This psalm gives us important keys: remember the power of God as displayed through His miracles; think about the good things God has done for you personally and in the Bible; talk about God’s deeds, and choose to worship even if you do not feel like it. Faith will begin to rise again in your heart.
  • Remember that God has always been a refuge for His people, eternally existent, and His faithfulness will never end.
  • Praise the Lord for His victories both for you and for His people. Declare in song God’s faithfulness and salvation.
  • Recall to mind and bless the Lord for all that He has done for you. Bless Him for His forgiveness, for His healing power that is available to you today, for His redemption, for His lovingkindness, for His satisfying provision, and for renewed strength.
  • Give thanks, sing, talk about, remember the rich history of Israel; it is our history. Read the Bible until you become familiar with the mighty acts of God: watch your faith grow. Remember that the same God who acted on behalf of Israel will act on your behalf today (Heb. 13:8).
  • Put your hope in God’s Word to you, the Bible. It will comfort you in times of suffering and affliction. His Word will give you life.
  • In faith, put your hope in God, believing that in the Lord you will find mercy and abundant redemption.
  • Be happy! You have made God your help, and you will be blessed.
  • Believe the LORD for your vindication not seeking it yourself
  • Consciously commit all your plans to the LORD daily. Do not presume HIS help if it is uninvited
  • Quickly release concerns and worries to the FATHER who wants to carry them for you
  • Beseech the LORD to work in you a singleness of purpose in heart
  • Ask HIM for a spirit that endures and stands fast on the truth you know
  • Expect GOD’s SPIRIT to illuminating the scriptures to give you clear guidance every day
  • Think about and testify to GOD’s mighty workings among HIS people in order to encourage them and build their faith
  • Be consoled in the truth that GOD is always and everywhere present
  • Be assured that if you continue in HIM the LORD will most certainly fulfil HIS purpose for you

Of all our being, our mouths are the most difficult to control. Words said can so quickly lead to trouble. We sometimes speak too quickly, too harshly, without thinking, or out of anger and pride. Taming the tongue requires discipline and diligence and, most of all, the power of the Holy Spirit (see James 3).

  • Keep your tongue from false flattery and pride.
  • Words that are of the Lord are morally pure.
  • Make a decision to speak only that which is right and honors God.
  • Know that when you are worried and concerned, God hears you when you cry out to Him. Talk to Him first when you are troubled or distressed.

Wise individuals reject man’s testimony about himself. Much confusion has been generated among GOD’s people because they have accepted a mere humanistic belief in man’s intrinsic goodness. As a result many have stumbled because they trusted only in man and not in GOD

  • Accept GOD’s testimony about man’s basic nature. Understand the impact of sin on every human being
  • Understand that it is not the hand, mind or strength of the flesh that brings spiritual victory. Be assured that victory comes from the LORD alone
  • Know that all promotion or exaltation comes from the LORD
  • Understand that when we reject GOD’s way the blessing and guidance of HIS SPIRIT may be withdrawn leaving us in spiritual drought
  • Expect and be grateful for the LORD’s discipline. Know it is HIS instruction leading to patience and righteousness
  • Use time wisely understand that squandering time is throwing away a part of your life
  • Ask the LORD to teach you and lead you in the performing of HIS will
  • Take your stand on the rightness of GOD’s WORD. Understand that evil is that which disregards GOD’s instruction
  • Seek knowledge but most of all gain understanding. Know that practical understanding is more important than mere knowledge

The unbroken, proud and arrogant spirit is not pleasing to GOD. In order to commune with GOD we must be humbled acknowledging our sin and our need for cleansing by HIM

  • Understand that the spirit of humility opens the pathway to fullness of joy
  • Set your heart on pilgrimage

We can be our own worst enemies in the fight for spiritual victory. Even stronger than any external opposition we face may be negative influences in our own lives

  • Pray for release from disobedient and stubborn attitudes that hinder GOD’s hand in granting you spiritual victory

GOD is consistent and unchanging. HIS nature is reflected in HIS law

  • Even in your afflictions recognize that GOD is true to HIS WORD. You can depend on HIM

Worship means to ascribe worth to something or someone through speech and conduct. Worship addresses GOD directly, expressing reverence for HIS nature, character attributes and power and grateful praise for all HE is and does

  • Worship the LORD with all your heart and mind.
  • Rehearse HIS attributes consciously
  • Recount how who GOD is affects you and is changing you
  • Avoid worshipping mindlessly or by rote or becoming passive in worship
  • Give yourself wholeheartedly to it

To praise the LORD means to speak well of GOD with exuberance and enthusiasm to others and/or to HIM because of what HE has done. Praise the LORD is a command to extol GOD’s virtues and exalt HIM because of HIS mighty acts. A praise gathering is a celebration of GOD’s mighty power and purpose

  • Praise GOD with a loud and enthusiastic voice
  • Clap your hands and shout joyfully to the LORD
  • Participate in processions of praise
  • Speak and sing praise to GOD
  • Involve such physical expressions as raising hands, dancing, applause and kneeling
  • Discipline yourself to praise GOD for every benefit HE provides
  • Be disciplined in corporate praise

Trust is the belief in and reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety of a person or thing. To trust in the LORD is to believe HIM and to believe absolutely that what HE says it true

  • Trust in the LORD and not in yourself
  • Trust in the LORD and not your wealth for financial security
  • Trust in the LORD and not in your physical strength or your nation’s military prowess for protection
  • Trust in the LORD and not in political power or connections

The psalmists call for constant verbal expression of heartfelt gratitude to GOD for all of HIS benefits and gifts to man

  • Give thanks to GOD first of all for who HE is
  • Give thanks to GOD for all that HE has given you
  • Give thanks to GOD for HIS lovingkindness and mercy
  • Give thanks to GOD for HIS protection
  • Give thanks to GOD for HIS guidance
  • Give thanks to GOD for all HIS mighty acts

As one of their major themes the psalmists call GOD’s people to declare openly HIS goodness, lovingkindness and mercy to them and to the nations

  • Proclaim GOD’s love, mercy and forgiveness to all of Israel
  • Proclaim GOD’s truth and justice to all the nations
  • Proclaim HIS righteousness
  • Proclaim HIS mighty acts
  • Proclaim all that HE has done

The psalmists encourage the people to turn to GOD and rely upon HIM rather than on themselves and their own strength in times of trouble

  • Reply upon GOD when confronted by any enemy
  • Rely upon GOD whenever you are in any kind of distress
  • Reply upon GOD in times of natural calamity
  • Rely upon GOD in times of political crisis