Life Lessons in Numbers



Building a life characterized by a constantly growing capacity for God is a vital message found in Numbers. Godliness grows as we are intentional in our pursuit of God. From the way we regard the community of God to the way we embrace the truths of our redemption, every aspect of godly living is important.

Encourage God’s people in the work that God has given them, and be faithful with the gifts and calling that the Lord has given to you.

Keep worship and the presence of the Lord a central part of your life in Christ.

Trust in God’s salvation (see John 3:14, 15). The bronze serpent was God’s temporary means of salvation; Jesus is God’s eternal means of salvation.

Honor the gifts of ministry the LORD has given to the church (Eph 4:10-13)

Gather frequently with GOD’s people. Make the gathering of GOD’s people a central part of your life in CHRIST

Set apart certain regular times to celebrate GOD’s redemptive acts on your behalf. Celebrate with all your heart

Look to JESUS sacrifice (John 3:14, 15) trust HIS death as sufficient to cover all your sin

Live so that others will know that you do not consider yourself as one of the worldly

Numbers continues to illustrate the importance of wholehearted devotion. In contrast to Israel’s frequent unfaithfulness, the Nazirite Law and the lives of Caleb and Joshua provide outstanding examples of the kind of devotion that honors God.

Commit yourself to be wholly devoted to the Lord. God calls all of His people to be holy and separated to Him.

Ask the Lord to develop in you the same spirit that was in Caleb and Joshua. Believe that the Lord is with you, and move forward in faith!

Numbers continues to teach us to walk in holiness and how to deal with sin. The seducing Midianites and the fiery serpents illustrate sin’s vicious and virulent nature. In God’s mercy and great love for His people, He deals aggressively with sin and calls His people to do likewise in their personal lives.

Confess your sins, and seek to make restitution.

Receive God’s provision of forgiveness, the cleansing of your sin through Jesus Christ (see 1 John 1:7, 9).

Deal aggressively with sin in your own life.

Earnestly ask the Holy Spirit to convict you of sin, and repent quickly.

Deal thoroughly with sin. Sin that is allowed to remain and grow may well become your undoing

God’s people are to be content with God’s provision. Discontentment exposes a lack of faith in God. Our loving Father knows our needs and will meet those needs in His perfect time. Faith learns to be willing to wait and to rest in His present provision.

Accept where God has placed you in His body.

Rest in the truth that He has placed you right where He wants you to be (1 Cor. 12:18).

Do not grumble or complain when you go through difficult times.

Understand that the Lord will use them to train and mature you (James 1:2–4).

Rejoice in the Lord who is your inheritance! He has given you His Son and eternal life.

Studying God’s dealings with Israel will yield insight and understanding about God’s character and His ways. Moses’ prayer in Ex. 33:13 expresses the heart of a person who yearns and desires to know God. May it become your cry as well.

Recognize that not all problems or opposition is satanic. God Himself often opposes those contrary to His ways, seeking to correct us.

Understand that God is immutable, never changing in nature or character. He is wholly trustworthy (see Heb. 13:8).

Crucial and valuable lessons for today’s leaders can be found by examining the lives of the leaders in Numbers. Both their victories and their failures are given to instruct us so that we might learn to better lead God’s beloved people.

Share the load of ministry with others God has put under your charge in order to increase ministry, rather than limit it.

Be faithful to follow God’s instructions fully.

Never take credit for something the Lord has done through you, but honor Him.

Seek the Lord about who you are to raise up as a successor to your leadership (see 2 Tim. 2:2).

Numbers says much about relationship to those who bear GOD’s delegated authority. Some of GOD’s most severe judgements come for israel’s rebellion against moses and aaron. These incidents present clear lessons for believers today

Do not talk against GOD’s appointed leadership. It will bring HIS judgement and chastisement

Never align in rebellion against GOD’s appointed leadership. HE hates and deals severely with this offense. Such rebellion often results in judgement on the rebellious community