Life Lessons in Leviticus



Leviticus was God’s instruction book for worship by the people of Israel. There are rich, godly principles to be gleaned from these detailed ceremonies and laws. The message of holiness, devotion, atonement, and sacrifice to the Lord continue to speak fresh, life-changing truth to us today.

Acknowledge your inclination to sin by nature. Then place your trust wholly in God, who is able to keep us and desires to forgive.

Honor God’s servants with adequate financial support.

Honor the elderly; show them favor and respect. Though the world may disregard them, God calls us to esteem them in reverence to Him.

Study and know God’s Word. Practice it faithfully. Disobedience can lead to hostility toward God; God will bless obedience.

God wants our devotion for Him to influence and direct the way we live. The Bible suggests many ways to build a life that expresses loving devotion for God. Dynamic devotion is built on knowing God intimately and following Him wholeheartedly.

Give of your resources, time, and energy to the Lord as an expression of worship.

Ask the Holy Spirit to keep the fires of passionate devotion burning continually in your heart.

Like cancer, sin can spread quickly and corrupt an individual as well as a whole church or nation. God, in His mercy, commands us to deal with sin straightforwardly and thoroughly. Only through acknowledging sin and seeking forgiveness can we be set free from its power.

Do not hide evil. Bring it out into the light and deal with it.

Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s conviction of sin. Respond quickly, acknowledge your sin, ask forgiveness, and turn away from it.

Make restitution, whenever possible, for sins you have committed against others. This is part of true repentance.

Moral purity is vital to our walk of faith. Immorality of any kind is destructive to spiritual life and personal relationships. Sexual unfaithfulness is often an analogy for idolatry and unfaithfulness in the OT. The purity in which God calls us to walk brings life, health, joy, and fulfilment.

Understand what God’s Word says about sexual conduct. Knowing God’s safety limits will teach you the boundaries in which you will find great freedom and true satisfaction.

Remember that the Lord has separated us to Himself, to walk in His ways and to be His very own. He calls us, therefore, to be holy as He is holy.

Leviticus is a book on service. It has much to say to the believer about how GOD wants all spiritual ministry to be conducted. Since every believer is called to be a ministering person these guidelines are highly important

Serve the LORD with the best of your efforts.

Make sure that your ministry is without the defects of pride, selfish ambition or a personal lack of holiness

Soak all ministry with continuous prayer and be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT while engaged in any ministry activity

Avoid mixing spirit filled and fleshly activity in the conduct of your ministry. GOD abhors such a mixture

Do not urge the immature to enter ministry prematurely. Long term fruitfulness may be limited

Be ready constantly to bear witness to your faith in JESUS as LORD and Saviour

Leaders, minister with meekness, gentleness and humility. Harsh, overbeating leadership misrepresents GOD’s character and nature

Moral purity is extremely destructive to spiritual life and personal relationships. Sexual faithfulness is often an analogy for idolatry and unfaithfulness in OT. Impurity compromises the integrity of our minds, hearts and bodies. GOD tells us to flee from it because of its evil power

Avoid all spiritual and moral uncleanness. It will corrupt and defile every aspect of your life

Know what GOD’s WORD says about sexual conduct.

Flee from and avoid every form of sexual and moral uncleanness

Know GOD’s attitude about homosexuality. It is a serious perversion. Though HE offers grace to the homosexual offender, HE rejects his conduct