Life Lessons in Judges

2 Nov 2018 Book of Judges



God’s grace is revealed repeatedly in Judges as He raises up deliverers for His people. God chooses the weak, the fearful, and the imperfect, fills them with His Spirit and uses them mightily for His glory. This great message of hope assures us that God can use us for His glory, too!

God is able to use those who are fearful and believe themselves to be weak. For it is not the strength of the person but the strength, power, and presence of the Spirit of God that accomplishes His purposes through them.

God is the Redeemer and is able to use those who have been otherwise cast off by society. Though Jephthah was the son of a harlot and had been driven away by his own people, God raised him up and used him to deliver Israel.

Believe that God is a Redeemer and that He can and will use you.

Believe that GOD strengthens those HE calls and commissions.

Trust in the promise of HIS abiding presence

Heed GOD’s warning.

Do not continue to rely upon your fleshly wisdom and ability lest GOD limit you to those resources rather than releasing HIS wisdom and power through you

Praise and thanksgiving will flow when we recognize that the Lord, not we ourselves, will accomplish our victory and our deliverance.

Sing a song of praise for the mighty acts that the Lord has performed on behalf of His people.

Tell others what He has done!

When Israel turned from the Lord, they were oppressed, impoverished, enslaved, and plundered by their enemies. When they turned back to Him, they experienced deliverance, restoration, freedom, and victory. God calls to us today to pursue Him and to walk in His ways, to realize His purpose and blessing.

Mentor the next generation to know and trust God. Teach them of His marvelous works so that they might grow up to serve and follow Him faithfully.

Turn to the Lord, confessing your sin to Him because He will forgive you. His grace, compassion, and love are deeper than we can comprehend. He longs to deliver and restore us.

Trials and obstacles in our lives can require different responses, depending on their cause and/or purpose. If the cause is sin, we need to turn from the sin and receive forgiveness. If the purpose is to strengthen us and to instruct us in the ways of spiritual warfare, we need to embrace the trials and learn the lessons God is graciously teaching us with open hearts and willing spirits.

Recognize that present calamity may be a result of sin. Ask the Lord to convict you of any sin in your life. Confess what He shows you, and receive His forgiveness. Pray for deliverance from the problem and for complete restoration. Remember, God gave His only Son to redeem you.

Pray for wisdom (James 1:5) to know if the test you are facing is from the Lord. God allows tests for the purpose of taking us to deeper levels of maturity and strength (James 1:2–4). Tests can also teach us about spiritual warfare (Eph. 6:10–18).

Accept adversity and welcome opposition. Believe that GOD will use them to train you in obedience and strengthen you in spiritual warfare

Avoid relying upon men due to a lack of confidence in GOD’s presence. Faith in GOD honors HIM and results in your receiving what HE intends for you

Wisdom is knowing how to apply what you know to be true. Therefore wisdom demands that you ascertain the LORD’s direction for your life. Also judges warns against assuming that all leadings are true. Self righteousness and religious sentiment can be a source of serious deception

Test and confirm any sense of diving leading

Refuse to move impulsively

Be certain of GOD’s direction. It results in greater confidence

Know that GOD rejects any idolatry regardless how religious or sincere one’s sentiment may be

Be wary of religious deception

Sin presents a constant struggle with which we must deal or risk downfall. When we resist sin we often feel the battle is over only to be tempted by the same sin again and again. Sin never goes away and so we must constantly be on guard against it. However even when we are overcome with sin we have hope. GOD always gives another chance to turn from sin and back to HIM

Understand that sin not dealt with radically and ruthlessly ultimately weaken and may cause downfall

Persist for victory in your struggle against sin

Guard against the seductions of the world and the flesh

Understand that compromise will eventually weaken and wear you out giving the evil one an occasion to overpower you

Repent quickly when overcome by sin

Be confident that GOD is faithful to honor all truly heartfelt repentance

Good leadership is a key to the triumph of GOD’s purposes. Judges underlines the need for godly leaders who speak with prophetic anointed voices. When there is a lack of such leadership among GOD’s people the people lead unrestrained lives guided by their own opinions rather than GOD’s WORD and godly wisdom

Know that lack of godly leadership will cause GOD’s people to become worldly and incur GOD’s judgement

Strive to become godly in your leadership

Pursue a prophetic dimension in your ministry

Judges stresses that humility is acknowledging that any good or righteous acts we accomplish result from GOD’s working through us. We often think of humility as a weak self abasement when in fact it is a bold confidence in a faithful GOD

Understand that GOD’s spiritual victory does not depend upon natural strength or ability

Rely totally upon GOD’s enablement and strength

Refuse to build any monuments to your successes or victories. Know that they will likely become an occasion of stumbling for yourself and others