Life Lessons in Joshua

2 Nov 2018 Book of Joshua



The first step in learning to possess our inheritance in the Lord is to know His Word. The Book of Joshua shows that this involves steadfastly studying it and thinking about it so that it will become an integral part of the way we live.

Memorize, ponder, and speak Scripture regularly. Intentionally apply God’s Word to your life; it will produce great success.

Establish memorials in your spiritual journey.

Keep a record of your experiences with God as a continual reminder of His faithfulness to you.

As God’s people were circumcised for a sign, be baptized. Rehearse baptism’s meaning and benefits (Col. 2:11–15).

Follow the Lord fully throughout your life. Even though Caleb was 85, God had great things for him to accomplish. Caleb believed and acted on God’s word and received his full inheritance.

Joshua and Caleb’s lives beautifully illustrate how to live with wholehearted devotion to the Lord. They were surrounded by temptation, just as we are. Studying their example of enduring faithfulness will lead to possessing God’s promises for us, too

Seek the Lord prayerfully for every decision you make. God’s Word and Spirit will give you the wisdom and direction you need to make good decisions.

Believe God’s promises to you. The Lord is able to do miraculous things in order to fulfil His word.

Hold fast to God, follow Him wholeheartedly, and carefully apply His Word to your life.

As Israel took possession of their inheritance, they were continually challenged to remain separated from the idolatry of those currently living in the land. As they held fast to the Lord, they remained holy (separated to Him), and they were victorious. As they compromised, they were defeated.

Abstain from things used in or associated with cultic and occult practices. God calls us apart from those things so that we might not bring a curse upon ourselves.

Hold fast to God alone; you cannot hold on to the things of the Lord with one hand and the things of the world with the other. Cling to God alone—with all your heart; know that He is holding you.

Knowing God’s Word gives us the foundation on which we can learn to walk in faith. Joshua knew God’s Word, believed it, and acted on it in faith. At the end of a long life, he could say that all of God’s promises had come to pass.

Assurance of God’s presence enables us to be courageous in both believing and doing what God has spoken. The Lord gives us the same assurance given to Joshua: He will never leave us or forsake us.

Believe that all of God’s promises are good; not one word of them will fail. Remember that all of the promises of God in Christ are affirmed and answered with God’s “Yes!” (2 Cor. 1:19, 20).

Joshua shows much about how GOD responds to godly lives. Proverbs 16:7 says “when a man’s ways please the LORD, HE makes even his enemies to be at peace with him”. Joshua reveals many benefits of knowing the ways of GOD with men whose ways please HIM

Expect GOD’s favour when you follow HIS WORD and the SPIRIT’s direction and when your ways please HIM

Know that you will encounter no obstacle GOD can not work in and through you to overcome

Rest in the confidence that GOD will never fail to fulfil HIS promises to you when your ways please HIM

Good theology must always impact the way we live. Knowing GOD’s WORD but not knowing how to apply it is foolish and futile. Joshua helps us apply faithfully what we know about GOD’s WORD

Rely on GOD’s strength and wisdom, not your own

Allow GOD’s abiding presence to give you courage

Know that JESUS promise to be ever with you will keep you from terror and discouragement

Do not rely on your own strength and wisdom when dealing with sin.

Be assured that without GOD you will have no success

The failure to detect and deal with sin caused israel’s defeat at ai. Past successes can cause us to be less careful about sin. None of us can afford to drop our guard. For even one person’s sins can weaken the life of a whole church

Understand that individual sin weakens the whole church.

Deal with sin quickly and forthrightly

Leave no sin un confessed or dealt with

Be aware that un confessed sin will become a snare

Joshua is a type of CHRIST who always leads HIS people in victory and triumph. Our victories result from surrendering to JESUS LORDship and allowing HIM to work through us to overcome our obstacles and adversities

Submit yourself continually to JESUS LORDship in your life

Acknowledge that HE comes as the captain of HIS army to lead us to victory (exodus 17:14, 15)

Be assured that regardless of the strength of the enemy. GOD can and will enable you to prevail