Life Lessons in Isaiah

30 Mar 2020 Book of Isaiah



Isaiah wrote during a time when God’s people sought empty forms of religion and rituals over a genuine, life-changing relationship with Him. Today, God’s people face that same temptation. Rituals alone do not challenge us to change, convict us of sin, or require a consistent heart investment to maintain, as does a life-giving relationship with God. Rich traditions and rituals exist within the Christian church, butmust be infused with God’s presence, motivated by love, and sustained through relationship.

  • Guard against forms of godliness that have no life. Godliness begins with a heart turned toward God, with a life seeking to be molded into the image of Christ, responding to the conviction of sin, and growing in love with the Lord.
  • Set aside time to fast and pray. Take the time you would normally use to eat to pray instead.
  • Ask God to reveal sin in your life and respond to what He shows you. Ask God to show you how He wants to use you in practical expressions of godliness.

The Book of Isaiah presents a beautiful prophetic picture of Jesus the Messiah, the One who would come to save, redeem, and restore people to God. Reading these verses and seeing Jesus in all of His splendor and majesty, compassion and mercy sparks within us the God-given desire and need to worship. As we worship Jesus and begin to know Him for who He is, that spark becomes a flame of passion and devotion for Immanuel, God with us

  • Recognize that Jesus is God’s sign to us. Born of a virgin, He is Immanuel, God with us (Matt.1:23; Luke 1:27–33).
  • Rejoice for the great light that has come. Worship Jesus as Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
  • Seek the Root of Jesse, Jesus the Messiah. Ask to be filled with the Spirit of the Lord that rested upon Jesus.
  • Take comfort, knowing that God, in Christ, has come to us with forgiveness and tender mercy.
  • Surrender your life to Jesus, the Righteous One. He has taken on Himself all sin and punishment for your wrongdoing so that you could be forgiven, healed, and made whole. He is able to have compassion on you and make intercession for you (Heb. 4:14–16; 7:25).

The recurring theme of sin, judgment, and restoration is seen throughout the Prophets. Repeatedly in Isaiah we see Israel turn away from God to sin; yet God continually reaches out in every conceivable way in order to bring His people back to Himself, restore them, and bless them. Like Israel, our sin separates us from our Holy God. In His mercy, God calls us to return to Him and be healed, cleansed, forgiven, and fully restored to relationship with Him. The Lord is calling you today to reason together with Him. Though your sin is like scarlet, He will make it white as snow. Let Him cleanse you completely and restore you entirely.

  • Reason with the Lord, talk to Him about your sin. He is willing and able to completely remove every trace and stain of sin.
  • Worship God in His holiness. Invite the conviction of the Holy Spirit, confess your sin before God, and receive His forgiveness and cleansing. Now ask God to use you.
  • Do not go to or consult mediums, fortunetellers, or psychics. Go to the Living God, and seek His wisdom and counsel. In God and in His Word you will find the answers and the light you seek.
  • Learn from Judah’s mistake. Return to the Lord, and rest in God; be still and trust in Him alone (Zech. 4:6).
  • Walk on God’s “Highway of Holiness.” There you will find safety, restoration, and joy.
  • Turn from your sin. In Jesus, our Savior, we have an Advocate with the Father, an Intercessor, and a Redeemer.

Isaiah gives us a picture of King Hezekiah’s faith-response to the intimidation, accusations, and threats that come from the enemies of God’s people.

We, too, face attacks and, like Hezekiah, should seek the Lord and put our faith and trust in Him. Look to Him for protection, direction, strategy, and comfort in times of attack.

  • Understand that Judah’s disobedience opened a door to attack from the enemy. Walk in God’s ways so that the enemy has no legal right to accuse you.
  • Guard against the schemes of the enemy, who slanders the character and integrity of God, His leaders, and His people.
  • Learn from Hezekiah’s response to slander. He did not return evil for evil, but humbled himself and went directly to the Lord.
  • Recognize that the enemy will try to intimidate you and undermine your faith in God. Do not allow yourself to believe him. Reject satanic lies.
  • Take your concerns to the Lord. Speak truth and worship God to align yourself, your mind, and your emotions with what God says is true and right. Place your faith in God’s ability to defend and deliver.

The Book of Isaiah is filled with tremendous promises of God’s desire and ability to redeem and restore His people. Even though they walked away from God and His ways, yet the Lord in His gracious mercy brought His people back to Himself and healed them. If you or a loved one has walked away from God or feel broken or needy, know that the Lord desires deeply to restore you to relationship with Himself. Receive these verses as promises for you today, inviting you into the loving arms of Jesus.

  • Wait on the Lord. Know that nothing in your life is hidden from Him. He sees, understands, and is with you. Hope expectantly in the Lord; He will give you new strength to overcome.
  • Put your hope in Jesus. Ask Him to touch you at your point of need (Luke 7:21, 22).
  • Fear not; God is with you. No matter what circumstance or trial you face, know that God is able to keep you through it. Receive Jesus as your Savior. He is able to save you eternally and in your present situation.
  • Allow the Lord to comfort you. Though you may feel as if God has forgotten you, have confidence that you are continuously on His mind.
  • Preach, heal, deliver, comfort, rebuild, and serve. The ministry of Jesus described in these passages is also the ministry of His church moving in the power of the Spirit (Luke 4:17–20). Pray and ask God to use you as described in these powerful verses.

GOD’s people have often gotten in trouble by employing unholy means towards holy ends and thinking about holy things in an unholy way. The ends do not justify the means. Unholy methodology leads to unholy alliances that can become our undoing

  • Reject spiritual counsel from anyone who does not speak according to the WORD OF GOD
  • Be wary of plans or relationships GOD has not ordained and therefore will not bless
  • Seek the LORD for wisdom in making plans and entering covenantal relationships
  • Employ only GOD’S methods to do GOD’S work

Humility is essential to righteous CHRIST like behaviour. Humility and meekness are SPIRIT engendered characteristics in the mature believer. Their opposites pride and arrogance have a diabolical source. Humility refuses to promote its own interests but looks out rather for the interest of others

  • Humble yourselves in the presence of the LORD. Understand this is the only way to be cleansed and gain a clear perspective on your call to ministry
  • Beware of selfish ambition that sets itself above GOD and pride that takes Glory from GOD. Understand that they are the hallmarks of satan’s rebellion through which he became GOD’s enemy

GOD wants HIS people to be fully devoted to HIM. We can not feign devotion. GOD knows our hearts and knows whether what we say has integrity. This is the best reason to pursue worship with a whole heart. We are to seek GOD’s face continually expressing our whole hearted devotion to HIM

  • Realize that GOD only honours worship that is accompanied by genuine obedience and heartfelt adoration.
  • Know that insincere worship can result in diminished wisdom and understanding
  • Hunger and thirst after the knowledge of the LORD and not after the perishable things this world offers
  • Continually pray for a fresh moving of the HOLY SPIRIT and Revival

Faith takes GOD at HIS WORD when circumstances seem to deny the truth of HIS promises. Our ability to endure to the end will depend upon our allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to train us in this kind of faith

  • Believe that the LORD is your refugee
  • Overcome worldly fear that threatens in time of major crisis
  • Understand that spiritual strength comes from waiting upon the LORD
  • Trust that GOD knows how to protect HIS Righteous ones from the Judgement
  • Choose to believe that GOD’S WORD is the most powerful force in the universe and act accordingly

We may believe that if wee sin we will be immediately aware of it. But sin is subtle and our hearts may not perceive or acknowledge our guilt. So those most in need of repentance and cleansing may have no awareness of their spiritual state. Therefore we must continually examine ourselves before the LORD asking HIM to enlighten our hearts to any unacknowledged sin and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness

  • Understand that when we disagree with GOD’S agenda we must repent and change our way of thinking
  • Understand that repentance and obedience are reasonable to a willing and obedient heart, but folly to one with a resistant and rebellious attitude
  • Celebrate the LORD’S Goodness ahead of turning to amusement and entertainment. Judge any such tendencies in yourself and repent
  • Believe that your sins and iniquities were placed on JESUS CHRIST, the sinless Lamb of GOD.
  • Choose to forgive other’s sins against you
  • Know that GOD often does not answer our prayers because our own sin and iniquity prevents it.
  • Allow un answered prayer to become an occasion for soul searching and possible repentance