Life Lessons in Ezra

8 Nov 2018 Book of Ezra



Godly living involves taking a stand for what we believe and for tasks God has called us to accomplish, even in the face of fear and opposition.

Persevere in your faithfulness to God and His call. Though you feel fearful of circumstances, trust God’s faithfulness and strength (2 Tim.1:7).

Be prepared for opposition from the enemy when you are accomplishing the Lord’s work.

Set yourself to pray, and fix your eyes on the Lord. Be vigilant, and watch so that the enemy cannot block God’s work through discouragement and false accusation.

It is important to remember that when the Lord accomplishes His word, everyone involved should come together to give praise and thanks to God.

Gather other believers and celebrate with joy all that God has accomplished in, for, and through you.

Worship the Lord for the great mercy and favor He has shown you in bringing about His plans and purposes.

Sin occurs when we do things that God has said not to do, and it separates us from Him. The picture of restoration in Ezra sends a message of hope and redemption to all, for all of us sin and fall short of His glory (Rom. 3:23).

Take comfort knowing that in spite of Israel’s disobedience, defiance, and unfaithfulness, God compassionately forgave, saved, and restored them. He took those held captive and brought them back into their inheritance. He is still our Redeemer!

Ask the Lord to give you His perspective on sin—yours and your city’s and nation’s.

Earnestly desire to gain God’s perspective on sin and to grow in understanding both His justice and His mercy.

Let us mourn over our sin as Ezra and God’s people did. To mourn over sin is to experience a deep sorrow that leads to repentance (2 Cor. 7:10).

Make restitution for sin whenever possible.

Take steps to right the wrong that sin has caused.

Be advised that the world seeks to discourage and frustrate the purposes of GOD’s people

Seek counsel from GOD and shun the advice of the ungodly

God is able to accomplish His plans and purposes on behalf of His people either through or in spite of ungodly or even hostile government authorities. Our faith walk often requires that we trust and rely on God to make a way where there is no way.

Have faith even when things seem impossible.

God was able to use an ungodly king (about whom Isaiah prophesied by name hundreds of years before his birth) to accomplish His purposes for His people (Is. 44:28).

Believe that you will be able to “build,” or accomplish, what God has asked and that He will cause you to prosper in the work. He can turn the hearts of kings toward you (Prov. 21:1).

Be encouraged, and praise the Lord for His sovereign ability to establish His Word even through the help and actions of nonbelieving leaders and governments.

Submit to all authority knowing that it comes from GOD.

Trust GOD to work through any authority to which you must respond

The Biblical model for leaders is that of the servant leader. The servant leader does not boss, dominate or dictate to GOD’s people. He goes before them. To lead as a servant is to do it first avoiding the way of the Pharisees who instructed people to do things they themselves would not do. The servant leader asks GOD’s people to do what he himself has established in his own life. This should first be evident in the way he deals with sin and be manifest in his spirit of repentance

Leaders ask the LORD to send others to help you in your assigned place of ministry. Do not try to accomplish the job alone

Leaders employ corporate fasting when you undertake a major project or enter a significant season in your church life.

Be assured that GOD regards the self humbling that accompanies prayer and fasting

Leaders pursue excellence in your stewardship of material things.

Keep all financial dealings in the light

Leaders choose to intercede for GOD’s people rather than become upset with them. Identify with their sin and confess it as your own.

Leaders learn to lead in the confession of sin as a model for your people.