Life Lessons in Esther

17 Mar 2020 Book of Esther



As we grow in godliness, we should ask for and expectantly seek God’s favor. God extends His favor toward us in order to advance His kingdom, bless His people, and accomplish His purposes.

  • Recognize that favor is given for a purpose. For Esther, God’s favor led to position, which led to provision and protection for His people.
  • Realize that God places people in positions to 10:3 advance His purposes. Seek the welfare of God’s people anytime you find yourself in an advantaged position.
  • Know that God grants seasons of favor for His people in order to extend His kingdom. Press in to God for all that He has for you in these seasons, and give Him all the glory.

Esther reveals the power of a life unconditionally devoted to God and His people. She risked prominent position, wealth, and her own life to intercede on behalf of God’s people. Her radical devotion saved people from annihilation by their enemies.

Devote yourself to the Lord so that when your faith is tested, you will be able to rise to the challenge and stand firm. Ask others to fast and pray with you when the enemy seeks to bring destruction. Cast yourself wholly on the Lord. He is trustworthy and will never fail you.

Living holy lives means that we worship nothing and no one but the Lord. Mordecai, in the face of persecution and threats of death, models steadfastness and faithfulness to worship God alone.

  • Remain firm in your resolve to worship only the Lord. Recognize that others may come and try to wear you down. Resist them, and hold fast to the Lord.
  • Be aware that pursuing holiness and not conceding to others who may exhibit hatred or hostility is important. Be comforted, knowing God will reward you (Matt. 5:11, 12).

People of faith do not need to strive or seek recognition. They can rest in knowing that God, who sees all things, knows and will reward in due time (Matt. 6:1–6).

Remember that the Lord will not forget acts of service. Believe that He is able to bring them to light in His perfect time in order to bless you and further His plans and purposes.