Life Lessons in 2Kings

6 Nov 2018 Book of 2Kings



In the midst of ungodliness, the kings who walked in wisdom and righteousness shone like beacons of light and hope. Moving beyond mere personal convictions, their godliness effected radical social change.

Hold fast to the Lord and to His ways. Hezekiah trusted in the Lord more than all the kings of Judah, and the Lord was with him and prospered him.

Righteous living is a call upon every age group. Young people, seek after righteousness and do not allow yourself to be tempted away from your godly focus.

Seek God to know how your life is to affect and influence the place where you live. God may want to use you mightily as an agent of change.

Josiah’s life illustrates a life of dynamic devotion. From a young age, he was tenderhearted, humble, a lover of God’s Word, and determined to follow Him fully.

Remember that the Lord hears the prayer of the tender hearted and the humble (Ps. 51:17).

Know the Bible, so that you may be able to live by it. Commit yourself to living out the Word of Truth.

Be zealous for GOD with your whole heart.

Dedicate your life to HIM and to HIS purposes

The lives of the kings are sobering examples of the devastation that accompanies sin. The blessing that accompanies holiness stands in stark contrast, sounding a clear call to God’s people to walk in His way without compromise.

Respond to the word of the Lord and the prompting of the Spirit to turn from sin. Conviction of sin is God’s grace, pointedly extended to you so that you might turn from sin and be restored.

Recognize as seduction anyone or anything that leads you into sin and away from the Lord.

Do not covet the world’s reward for your ministry. Be wary lest it become an occasion for sin and judgement for you

Know that true repentance involves rooting our anything that distracts from your worship of GOD.

Eliminate any vestige of idolatry from your own life

Understand that GOD judges HIS people severely when they persist in the world’s ways and standards rather than HIS. Reject any areas where world mindedness has taken root in you

Do not practice abortion.

Reject and flee from occult

The walk of faith is sometimes a walk of perseverance. When the answer does not come the first time, faith does not quit. Faith continues to ask—continues to pray, just as people here continued to “dip” or to “strike” until the answer came.

Be steadfast when praying for miracles. Elisha prayed three times before the boy was raised from the dead. His example gives us hope to keep asking in faith (Luke 11:8–10).

Follow through on what the Lord directs you to do. If Naaman had dipped five times, would he have been healed? In faith, complete the task.

Wholeheartedly do what the Lord asks of you.

Do not allow a lack of faith to cause you to fall short of God’s complete victory!

Believe that GOD is able to supply your needs even when you have no idea how

Know that GOD promises to keep HIS people alive in famine. This applies spiritually too. GOD’s spiritual resources for you are limitless even during times of spiritual drought

Choose to believe that you will always have enough resources to do the will of GOD

Elijah and Elisha provide a model for mentoring. Mentoring is a two-way street. In these two men, we learn both how to mentor others and how to be mentored. Both aspects are vital to every leader’s life.

Remain steadfast and loyal to the one who is mentoring you. Like Ruth to Naomi (Ruth 1:16), Elisha remained by Elijah’s side and God blessed him for his faithfulness and ability to be taught.

Seek the spiritual inheritance that the Lord intends you to receive from those of maturity.

Mentors, recognize that the source of the anointing that will be passed to the person you are mentoring comes from the Lord.

In humility be willing to serve the one who is mentoring you. Elisha was remembered as Elijah’s servant, and kings immediately recognized the anointing that rested on him.

Leaders believe that GOD has a greater anointing for your ministry. Do not settle for mediocre effectiveness in your ministry

Leaders trust the HOLY SPIRIT working in those who serve with you

Leaders reject praise and honor GOD for works HE accomplishes through your ministry.

Teach those you serve to do the same

The GOD who is our wisdom and gives freely of HIS wisdom to those who trust in HIM is careful to teach us HIS ways. He who is wise will never turn from the clear counsel of wisdom in GOD’s WORD

know the source of any teaching you receive or pass on to others. Always judge teachings according to GOD’s WORD

follow the LORD and HE will grant your spiritual success

Relating properly to GOD’s delegated authority is a key to spiritual prosperity

be loyal to whom the LORD assigns you. Understand that the LORD will reward such loyalty

avoid mocking or criticizing those GOD anoints for leadership and ministry. Understand that GOD watches over them to protect them