Life Lessons in 2Chronicles



Godliness grows as our heart knowledge and understanding of God increases.

Declare the greatness of God. As we understand the grandeur of God, we see our work and ourselves with greater clarity and perspective.

Draw near to God; delight in His ways, and godliness will flourish.

The primary goal of wholehearted devotion is to know God, which opens to the benefits of His blessing.

Seek God; ask for His wisdom to complete the task that lies before you. He will honor you as you seek to honor Him.

Be confident that when you wholeheartedly seek God, you will find Him.

Rejoice in knowing that the Lord is searching for people like you—people whose hearts will be loyal to Him, that He may strengthen and support and use them for His glory.

Scripture makes it very clear that there are consequences for sin, but that never leaves us without a remedy.

Confess sin, and walk away from it. Turn toward the Lord, and receive His forgiveness and restoration. Remember, Jesus brings the fullness of God’s glory and forgiveness (John 1:14).

Humble yourself, pray, seek God’s face, and turn away from evil. This is the action that God directs when we pray for our nation.

Identify the sins of your city or nation, and confess them to God (Neh.1).

be careful not to promote the ungodly or to support those whose ways contradict the scriptures and thus displease the LORD

avoid the evil ethic of expediency

do not employ procedures or practices you suspect of being unethical or ungodly even if they promise success

Battles are won through faith’s warfare, but ultimately belong solely to the Lord. We are instructed to pray, praise the Lord, and stand in faith. This is how we will see the salvation and victory of the Lord.

Be intentional; ask God for His strategy for victory when you face a personal struggle.

Acknowledge your weaknesses, and look to the Lord; He will give you direction.

Trust the Bible as God’s living Word to you and as the ultimate standard of revealed truth.

Be open to receiving prophetic words given by godly men and women. Seek the Lord for confirmation, test such words by Scripture, and submit them to the Lord in prayer.

Lead with praise. Learn from the faith of the singers going into battle in front of the army, and remember how God brought a mighty victory.

The humble person sees himself in the light of his relationship with almighty GOD. A truly humble individual regards others more highly than himself because this self assessment puts others in a better perspective. Also the humble person is grateful for what he has received from the LORD and not lifted up in pride as a result of success or prosperity

understand that GOD fills the universe. Know that nothing we build can contain HIM. The best we can do is reflect HIS glory

beware of the test of prosperity

guard against pride when you have experienced success. Be certain pride will lead to your downfall. Repent if pride is found in you

Exodus 17’s revelation of GOD as “The LORD our banner” that is our victory or our miracle forever secures victory for GOD’s people. Victory in spiritual battles comes as we rely upon the LORD to fight on our behalf. This is what it means to trust the LORD in battle and stand still to see HIS deliverance

rely on GOD’s wisdom strength and abilities when confronting spiritual opposition. Be assured that this is the quickest way to victory

rely upon the LORD when the ungodly oppose or persecute you.

Be assured that man who is finite can not prevail against GOD

Covet the presence of the LORD. Depend upon HIS presence when confronting any opposition.

Know that the battle is not yours but HIS

Trust the LORD to do your fighting for you

Contentment results from knowing that the LORD is a ready resource for those who trust in HIM

Never allow finances to determine obedience.

Know that GOD will supply all you need to do HIS will

Confess poor stewardship. Accept GOD’s forgiveness and obey

The spiritual leader praised in the scriptures is faithful to instruct GOD’s people in GOD’s WORD making sure they know thoroughly and are careful to obey it. GOD consistently honors those who speak only the message HE has put in their mouths

Leaders teach your people to seek the LORD and put HIS WORD into practice. Trust that the LORD will cause them to prosper if they do

Leaders make sure that your people are thoroughly taught and well read in the scriptures

Leaders be steadfast in speaking only what GOD has given you to say

Pursue the reputation of being someone in whose mouth is the WORD of the LORD