Life Lessons in 1Samuel



Learning to see things and people the way God sees them is a vital step in our growth process. While people tend to place great value on outward appearance, let us note that God looks upon attitudes of the heart.

Be more concerned with the condition of your heart before God than with how you appear to others.

Ask God to teach you to see as He sees. God chose David as a man after His own heart (Acts 13:22), looking at David’s devotion and character more than at his appearance.

Seek God’s perspective in each situation you face. God’s wisdom and Word may dictate a different course of action than people, pressures, or circumstances would suggest.

Raise godly children. Understand that a failure to do so can result in greater ungodliness.

Dedicate children to the LORD. Remember that they are an inheritance and gift from the LORD

Though Samuel grew up serving the Lord, his real influence came after knowing Him through a personal encounter.

Personally encountering God is the key to knowing Him intimately.

Listen for God’s voice.

Know that He calls you by name.

Respond, as Samuel did, with an open and receptive heart, willing to obey.

Parents are called to raise children in the ways of the Lord. Eli’s sons despised God’s ways, even though they ministered in His name. But Eli did not restrain or rebuke them. Shaping children requires confronting our own responsibility by addressing ungodly influences, early and consistently.

Honor the Lord first. Eli honored (yielded to) his sons more than he honored God. God’s ways are holy and wholesome; they will produce life, health, and blessing in your life and in your children’s lives.

Lovingly confront the world’s ways, teaching your children the ways of the Lord and praying for them. This brings lifelong fruit (Prov. 22:6).

Rely upon GOD’s wisdom, strength and ingenuity rather than that of people

Samuel’s life reveals the faith lifestyle of reaching out to and trusting in God even in the face of previously unknown experiences and seemingly insurmountable odds.

Respond with an open and obedient heart when the Lord reveals His love to you through correction or instruction.

Follow the Lord fully; do all that He asks of you. Do not allow the pretense of religion to keep you from total obedience.

Trust in the Lord and remember His faithfulness to you in the past.

Do not fear opposition even when it seems stronger or better supported.

Be confident that God can use what you have at hand to overcome any obstacles you face.

Be ready to obey the words the LORD speaks to you. Know that GOD continues to speak to those who do what HE says

Understand that incomplete obedience is the same as disobedience

Obey the LORD completely and do not turn away from HIM

Know that disobedience and rebellion are as witchcraft in GOD’s sight.

Understand that to hear GOD’s WORD and not to practice it is to reject it

Wisdom is in large measure understanding the principles by which GOD governs the moral universe. To gain wisdom means to learn to think GOD’s thoughts after HIM. Esteeming the things HE esteems and despising the things HE despises. Learning wisdom is gaining the perspective that results from adopting GOD’s values and rejecting the values this world espouses

Be aware that if you persist in ungodly or unwise prayer GOD may give you what you ask as a form of discipline which would have been unnecessary otherwise

Do not overvalue size. Remember the LORD accomplishes great things through small numbers

Know that GOD looks on the heart not the outward appearance. Do not judge based on what you see

Do not despise small opportunities. Understand that they prepare us for bigger battles

Learning to relate properly to GOD ordained authority is an important part of spiritual maturity. Because our nature is sinful in rebellion against GOD we do not automatically know how to relate properly to authority. It is something we must be trained in and something for which we will experience much discipline from the LORD

Receive GOD appointed authority. But do not honor them above GOD or HIS WORD. Know that to do so is idolatry

Practice loyalty to GOD appointed leaders in order to enhance their effectiveness on your behalf

Do not speak against or take up a cause against GOD ordained leaders even if they seem to be wrong

Leave them to GOD’s judgement and intercede for them. Each one of us must answer to GOD for our actions

Spiritual leadership differs radically from this world’s ideas about how to lead. GOD’s leaders must realize that they represent HIM in their role, since HE has given them their authority. In order to honor GOD, HIS servants must be faithful both to HIM and to HIS people

Leaders pray for those whom you lead. Not to do so is to sin against GOD

Leaders do not act presumptuously. Obedience will establish your authority

Leader do not despise anyone the LORD brings to you. GOD is able to raise up even the lowliest through godly leadership

Leaders honor all ministry equally. Those who support others are equally important to GOD

Sin must be dealt with or it will become our downfall

Understand that GOD holds us accountable for sins we know about but do not confront as we are able

Taming the tongue involves knowing that things you should not say to men may often be said to GOD

Voice any complaints only to the LORD.

Remember that vindication comes only from the LORD