Life Lessons in 1Kings

6 Nov 2018 Book of 1Kings



Godliness is reflected in our character. It can be seen in our faithfulness and integrity. We can be confident that God blesses those who walk uprightly before Him.

Remember and follow through on vows you have made to others. The Lord takes them seriously (compare Josh. 9:3–15; 2Sam 21:1). He will enable you to fulfill your word.

Remember that the Lord prospers and grants success to those who walk in His ways.

Recognize your limitations; rely on the Lord, and ask Him for wisdom (James 1:5).

God desires that our hearts be wholly His. The lives of Solomon and the kings reveal how a divided heart produces weakness that leads away from the Lord. Dynamic devotion flows from the totality of our heart and strength belonging entirely to the Lord.

Earnestly seek the Lord. Ask Him to continually turn your heart toward Him that you might walk in His ways.

Be careful to whom you give your heart. With those people, it is important to be like-minded and for all to be intent on loving the Lord (2 Cor. 6:14).

Courageously turn from ungodly patterns of past generations. Pursue the Lord. Do your part to establish godliness in your generation!

Solomon amassed wealth, power, and women in direct disobedience to the Lord’s direction to the Kings of Israel (Deut. 17:16, 17). The lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life continue to tempt us today. God calls us apart from these things that we might walk ever closer to Him.

Admit that you do things you know you should not do. Ask God to search your heart daily. Be quick to ask God’s forgiveness, turn from your sin, and be confident that He will forgive you and restore you.

Be ever watchful over those things for which your heart longs. God calls us to purity of heart so that we will not stumble and stray from Him.

Avoid even small compromises in holiness, purity and worship

Understand that even the slightest deviations from what you know to be right may eventually become major transgressions

The prophet Elijah illustrates the life of faith for all those desiring to step out in trust, inspite of their circumstances. God never failed to provide all that was needed in each situation, sometimes in unusual and miraculous ways!

Expect that when God guides, He will also provide. Be flexible; His provision may come in unconventional ways from unexpected sources.

Step out with faith and obedience to the Lord.

Know that the times when things look impossible are the times to praise, pray, and look expectantly to the Lord.

Humility refuses to promote or exalt itself trusting the LORD to bring advancement. It quickly acknowledges the LORD when anything it does is recognized knowing that all accomplishments are realized through GOD

Avoid self promotion. Rely upon the LORD to bring promotion to you

Remember who exalts himself will be humbled

Be aware that your life is only a conduit for a reflection of GOD’s life.

Know that even the greatest thing you build will manifest only a small facet of GOD’s glory

GOD is the only source of true wisdom and HE promises to give it to anyone who asks for it. Wisdom begins with the fear of the LORD and finds its fulfilment in love for others

Do not presume to know how to do what the LORD has called you to do. Cleave to the LORD and depend upon HIS wisdom

Choose to believe that GOD will give wisdom to all who ask for it (james 1:5)

Be assured that only GOD knows the hearts of men. We can not. Allow this to cause you to reverence GOD

GOD’s leaders serve HIM on  the people’s behalf not vice versa. Confusion on this point has caused many a tragedy among GOD’s people. The kings who sought to please the people rather than GOD opened the way for great sin and received a bad report. What an important lesson in a day when popularity has become such an idol to many. GOD’s leaders are encouraged to follow HIS WORD closely and to be careful regarding other sources of advice

Leaders be wise and seek counsel from other seasoned and fruitful leaders. Avoid the exclusive counsel of untried leaders who have borne little fruit

Leaders be faithful to GOD’s WORD. What you say may not always be popular but it must measure upto the standards of scripture. Otherwise your ministry may promote idolatry

Leaders pattern your lives and ministries after leaders who have GOD’s approval and follow HIS WORD closely. Avoid patterns that although successfully by worldly standards contradict GOD’s WORD

Deception begins when we forget that all of us are inclined to sin

Be assured that there is no one who does not sin.

Let GOD search your heart daily to guard you against sin which you might not notice

Believe that where the LORD leads HE feeds. Where HE guides HE provides. Faith does not let a threat of privation alter the course the LORD has set

Do not allow the threat of reduced income to cause you to disobey the LORD’s direction for your life

Choose to believe that the LORD knows how to care for HIS servants