Life Lessons in 1Chronicles



Growing in godliness means growing in faithfulness to the Lord in every area of our lives. That growth begins and increases as we seek to know God’s Word and surrender to His ways in our lives

Learn from past mistakes, and align yourself with God’s Word, the Bible. Doing so will bring great joy and freedom.

Be strong, and have courage; pray for wisdom and understanding to walk in God’s ways. As you walk in His ways, He will prosper you.

Be warned that unfaithfulness to GOD may result in our hearts and minds being taken captive by the world system

Do not seek out spiritual information or insight from any spiritual source other than the HOLY SPIRIT or CHRIST centered counsellors. Be warned that doing so can result in serious judgement even death

Chronicles focuses on the heart of God’s people. The heart is referenced repeatedly, because our actions follow the leanings of our heart. That to which we incline and devote our hearts decides what we will serve and become.

We are called to worship with a heart that rejoices in seeking the Lord; a heart full of praise and thanksgiving.

Set your heart and soul to seek the Lord. As you do, He will enable you to fulfill His calling for you.

Know God, and serve Him with a loyal heart.

Remember, He promises that if you seek Him, you will find Him.

Understand that GOD gives you times of peace and rest so that you can devote your heart and soul to seeking HIM

Be diligent in the things GOD gives you to do

Serve GOD with unswerving devotion

Understand that the LORD honors those who honor HIS WORD and seek HIM with all their heart

King David understood that the intentions of the heart determine the behaviour of the person and that the intentions of the heart determine whether or not holiness is learned.

Know that God tests the heart. Welcome the testing, knowing that its purpose is to purify us and make us whole (Zech.13:9; James 1:3, 4).

Remember that God takes pleasure in an upright heart.

Pray that your heart would forever be fixed toward God.

Learning to walk in faith is a process in which we learn that God’s way are higher than our ways and His thoughts than our thoughts (Is. 55:9).

Ask God for His wisdom that you might be like the sons of Issachar who had “understanding of the times,” to know what God’s people ought to do.

Seek God’s counsel first, and then consult others. It is a safeguard for you.

Learn God’s Word so that you are able to know His ways and walk in them.

Wisdom counsels us that GOD’s ways are higher than our ways and HIS thoughts than our thoughts. HE knows the best way to do HIS work

Do not undertake to do GOD’s work in your own way

Be warned that employing human wisdom to accomplish GOD’s work can result in frightening consequences

Knowing the extent of divine resource frees us to greater generosity

Understand that all we possess comes from the hand of the LORD

GOD instructs us in how to relate to HIM by instructing us in how to relate properly to those HE sends

Know that GOD has sworn to protect those HE sends to proclaim HIS WORD.

Be careful how you speak about and treat GOD’s servants

GOD calls HIS leaders to realize that the work to which they are called is HIS and HE will see to its completion

Leaders take courage in the fact that the LORD pledges to be with those HE calls until that to which HE calls them has been completed