Joshua Outline

2 Nov 2018 Book of Joshua

I. A Lifestyle of Promise: Jos_1:1-9

A. Living Life with Your Back to the Past: Jos_1:1-2
B. Claiming the Promises While Meeting the Conditions: Jos_1:3-9

II. A People Mobilized for Action: Jos_1:10-18

A. A Profile of a Leader: Jos_1:10-15
B. A Profile of a People: Jos_1:16-18

III. So God Can Use Anyone: Jos_2:1-24

A. God Working Through the Ordinary and the Unlikely: Jos_2:1-7
B. Rahab—A Worthwhile Model: Jos_2:8-24

IV. The Crossover People: Jos_3:1-17

A. Those Crossover Times: Jos_3:1-4
B. An Action Pattern for a Crossover People: Jos_3:5-17

V. The Importance of Memories: Jos_4:1-24

A. Memory Stones: Jos_4:1-14
B. What Do These Stones Mean? Jos_4:15-24

VI. A Time for Renewed Commitment: Jos_5:1-15

A. When God Acts, People Take Notice: Jos_5:1
B. Reconsecration Precedes Forward Action: Jos_5:2-10
C. Alert to Change: Jos_5:11-12
D. Every Leader Needs to Be Led: Jos_5:13-15

VII. Jericho—A Model for Victory: Jos_6:1-20

A. Our God is a God of Strange Strategies: Jos_6:1-5
B. The Result of True Worship is Obedience: Jos_6:6-19
C. God Gives Victory to His Obedient People: Jos_6:20

VIII. Two Different Gods? Jos_6:21-27

A. The Problem
B. Four Observations

IX. Achan and Ai—Learning How to Avoid Spiritual Defeat: Jos. 7:1-8:35

A. Vulnerability at the Moment of Success: Jos_7:1-6
B. Turning Defeat into Victory: Jos_7:7-13
C. The Profound Effect of the Disobedience of One: Jos_7:14-18
D. A Scenario that Leads to Personal Defeat: Jos_7:19-23
E. The Severity of God’s Judgment: Jos_7:24-26
F. A Hopeful Conclusion: Jos_8:1-35

X. Deception, Gullibility, and Integrity: Jos_9:1-27

A. Deception: Jos_9:1-13
B. Gullibility: Jos_9:14-15
C. Integrity: Jos_9:16-27

XI. When on God’s Side: Jos_10:1-15

A. You Will Face Opposition: Jos_10:1-5
B. You Will Discover that God Keeps His Covenant: Jos_10:6-11
C. You Have Supernatural Resources: Jos_10:12-15

XII. Completing the Conquest: Jos. 10:16-12:24

A. A Life of Ongoing Warfare: Jos_10:16-21
B. A Spiritual Battle to Death with Christ as Victor: Jos_10:22-42
C. A Spiritual Home Base: Jos_10:43
D. The Responsibility of Completing the Conquest: Jos. 11:1-12:24

XIII. The Archives Speak: Jos. 13:1-19:51

A. We Never Fully Arrive in This Life: Jos_13:1-7
B. God Gives and Holds Accountable: Jos. 13:8-14:5
C. Faithfulness to the Covenant: Jos. 14:6-15:19
D. Women’s Rights: Jos. 15:20-17:13
E. The Alternative to Complaining About One’s Lot in Life: Jos_17:14-18
F. The Disposition of the Remaining Land: Jos. 18:1-19:51

XIV. Creating Two Kinds of Cities: Jos. 20:1-21:45

A. A Place of Legal Safety: Jos_20:1-9
B. A Place of Spiritual Community: Jos_21:1-45

XV. An Altar of Rumor: Jos_22:1-34

A. Transitions: 22:1-9
B. Rumors: Jos_22:10-29
C. Peacemaking: Jos_22:30-34

XVI. The Covenant at Risk: Jos_23:1-16

A. The Promise of Faithfulness: Jos_23:1-13
B. The Consequences of Unfaithfulness: Jos_23:14-16

XVII. The Bottom-Line Choice: Jos_24:1-33

A. The Facts: Jos_24:1-13
B. The Choice: Jos_24:14-15
C. The Results: Jos_24:16-33