Hebrew Names of GOD in 1Chronicles


JESUS CHRIST in 1Chronicles

Christ is foreshadowed in 1 Chronicles in much the same way as He is in 1 Kings. First Chronicles 21 (also 2 Sam. 24) explains that as a consequence for sin, a death plague had broken out against Israel. David buys a piece of property from Ornan on which to make a sacrifice that stops the plague. This site on Mount Moriah was the very place where Solomon would build the temple (2 Chr. 3:1).

It is possible that this was the very mountain where Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac (Gen. 22:2). In the New Testament, three times Paul refers to believers as the “temple of God” (1 Cor.3:16, 17; 6:19; Eph. 2:19–22). It is Christ who has purchased the ground for this spiritual temple. It was His sacrifice that delivered us from death (Rom. 5:12–18; 7:24, 25; 1 John 3:14).

HOLY SPIRIT in 1Chronicles

There are two clear references to the Holy Spirit in 1 Chronicles. The first is in 12:18, where “the Spirit” came upon or clothed Amasai and enabled him to give an inspired utterance. See Introductions to 1 and 2 Kings: The Holy Spirit at Work. They describe the Holy Spirit’s inspiring others to prophesy during the kingdom period. The second reference to the Holy Spirit in 1 Chronicles is in 28:12, which explains that it was through the ministry of “the Spirit” that the plans of the temple were revealed to David.