Isaiah Outline

30 Mar 2020 Book of Isaiah

Part One—The Vision Introduced Isa_1:1-31

I. Prologue to the Prophecy (Isa_1:1)

A. Who Is Isaiah?
B. What Is Isaiah’s Message?
C. When Did Isaiah Prophesy?
D. Where Did Isaiah Prophesy?

II. A Family in Rebellion: Judah and Jerusalem (Isa_1:2-31)

A. Children Turned Rebels (Isa_1:2-20)

1. The Court of the Lord (Isa_1:2)
2. The Charge of Rebellion (Isa_1:2-3)
3. The Consequences of Corruption (Isa_1:4-9)
4. The Offer of Clemency (Isa_1:10-17)
5. The Appeal to Reason (Isa_1:18)
6. The Verdict of Destiny (Isa_1:19-20)

B. A Daughter Turned Harlot (Isa_1:21-31)

1. The Provocation of God (Isa_1:21-23)
2. The Pronouncement Against Jerusalem (Isa_1:24-25)
3. The Promise of Restoration (Isa_1:26-31)

Part Two—The Vision Seen Isa. 2:1-5:30

III. The Prophetic Cycle: Punishment and Promise (Isa. 2:1-4:6)

A. The House of the Lord (Isa_2:1-4)

1. God’s Purpose for His House (Isa_2:1-2)
2. The Nation’s Response to the Invitation (Isa_2:3)
3. The World’s Path to Peace (Isa_2:4)

B. The Day of the Lord (Isa_2:5-22)

1. A Time of Terror (Isa_2:5)
2. The Folly of False Trust (Isa_2:6-8)
3. The Capital Sins of Arrogance and Pride (Isa_2:9-11)
4. The Day of Dread and Splendor (Isa_2:12-21)
5. The Mortality of Humanity (Isa_2:22)

C. The Men of Zion (Isa_3:1-15)

1. A Crisis of Resources (Isa_3:1-3)
2. A Shortage of Leaders (Isa_3:4-7)
3. A Heap of Ruins (Isa_3:8-12)
4. A Betrayal of Trust (Isa_3:13-15)

D. The Women of Zion (Isa. 3:16-4:1)

1. Coconspirators in Corruption (Isa_3:16)
2. Copartners in Loss (Isa_3:17-24)
3. Codefendants in Judgment (Isa. 3:25-4:1)

E. The Remnant of Israel (Isa_4:2-6)

1. God’s Faithfulness (Isa_4:2)
2. God’s Glory (Isa_4:3-5)
3. God’s Guarantees (Isa_4:5-6)

IV. A Bittersweet Love Song (Isa_5:1-30)

A. A Song of Love (Isa_5:1-7)

1. How Much Do I Love You? (Isa_5:1-2)
2. Why Don’t You Love Me? (Isa_5:3-4)
3. What Can I Do? (Isa_5:5-7)

B. A Chorus of Woes (Isa_5:8-23)

1. The Woe of Greed (Isa_5:8-10)
2. The Woe of Drunkenness (Isa_5:11-17)
3. The Woe of Self-Deceit (Isa_5:18-19)
4. The Woe of Self-Justification (Isa_5:20)
5. The Woe of Sophistry (Isa_5:21)
6. The Woe of Injustice (Isa_5:22-23)

C. God’s Fury and His Flag (Isa_5:24-30)

1. A Devouring Fire (Isa_5:24-25)
2. An Unfurled Banner (Isa_5:26-30)

Part Three—The Vision Personalized Isa_6:1-13

V. The Prophet’s Calling (Isa_6:1-13)

A. Confronted by God (Isa_6:1-4)

1. The Sovereignty of God (Isa_6:1-2)
2. The Holiness of God (Isa_6:3)
3. The Worship of God (Isa_6:4)

B. Convicted of Sin (Isa_6:5)

1. Feeling Our Anguish (Isa_6:5)
2. Accepting Our Responsibility (Isa_6:5)
3. Admitting Our Influence (Isa_6:5)

C. Cleansed by Fire (Isa_6:6-7)

1. The Fire that Purifies Us (Isa_6:6)
2. The Fire that Ignites Us (Isa_6:7)

D. Commissioned to Faithfulness (Isa_6:8-13)

1. Answering His Call (Isa_6:8-10)
2. Persistence in His Ministry (Isa_6:11-12)
3. Seeing His Promise (Isa_6:13)

Part Four—The Vision Enacted Isa. 7:1-23:18

VI. The Sign of the Children (Isa. 7:1-9:7)

A. Child of Salvation (Isa. 7:1-1:12)
B. Child of Suffering (Isa_7:13-25)
C. Child of Judgment (Isa_8:1-10)
D. Child of Faith (Isa_8:11-22)
E. Child of Hope (Isa_9:1-7)

VII. The Co-Signs of Judgment and Promise (Isa. 9:8-12:6)

A. Ephraim the Traitor (Isa. 9:8-10:4)

1. The Betrayal of Pride (Isa_9:8-12)
2. The Betrayal of Impenitence (Isa_9:13-17)
3. The Betrayal of Love (Isa_9:18-21)
4. The Betrayal of Injustice (Isa_10:1-4)

B. Assyria the UnGodly (Isa_10:5-19)

1. The Sin of Seeking World Domination (Isa_10:5-8)
2. The Sin of Playing God (Isa_10:9-10)
3. The Sin of Demeaning God (Isa_10:11)
4. The Timing of Judgment (Isa_10:12-14)
5. The Reason for Judgment (Isa_10:15)
6. The Effects of Judgment (Isa_10:16-19)

C. Promise for the Remnant (Isa_10:20-34)

1. Faith Will Be Rewarded (Isa_10:20-23)
2. Judgment Will Be Transferred (Isa_10:24-34)

D. Promise for Judah (Isa_11:1-16)

1. The Seed of the Savior (Isa_11:1)
2. The Spirit of the Savior (Isa_11:2-3)
3. The Governance of the Savior (Isa_11:4-5)
4. The Peace of the Savior (Isa_11:6-9)
5. The Signs of the Savior (Isa_11:10-16)

E. Promise of a Song (Isa_12:1-6)

1. The Pattern of Praise (Isa_12:1-2)
2. The Purpose of Praise (Isa_12:3-4)
3. The Power of Praise (Isa_12:5-6)

VIII. Prophecy Against Babylon (Isa. 13:1-14:23)

A. A Holy War (Isa_13:1-22)

1. The Mother of All Battles (Isa_13:1-5)
2. The Day of the Lord (Isa_13:6-10)
3. The “Sanctified” Pagan Army (Isa_13:11-18)
4. The Ultimate Victory (Isa_13:19-22)

B. The Postwar Era (Isa_14:1-23)

1. Mercy for Jacob (Isa_14:1-2)
2. Obliteration for Babylon (Isa_14:3-11)
3. Annihilation for Lucifer (Isa_14:12-23)

IX. Book of Woes (Isa. 14:24-19:25)

A. The Oath of God (Isa_14:24-27)

1. I Swear for Your Sake (Isa_14:24-25)
2. I Swear on My Honor (Isa_14:26-27)

B. Woe to Philistia (Isa_14:28-32)

1. The Land of the Viper’s Sting (Isa_14:28-31)
2. The Answer to the Nations (Isa_14:32)

C. Woe to Moab (Isa. 15:1-16:13)

1. The Land of the Bald and Beardless (Isa_15:1-4)
2. The Flight of the Fugitive (Isa_15:5-9)
3. The Asylum for the Homeless (Isa_16:1-10)
4. The Harp Strings of God (Isa_16:11-13)

D. Woe to Damascus (Isa_17:1-11)

1. The Land of Ruined Heaps (Isa_17:1-3)
2. The Forsaken Bough (Isa_17:4-6)
3. The Foreign Fruit (Isa_17:7-11)

E. Woe to the World—A Summary (Isa_17:12-14)
F. Woe to Ethiopia (Isa_18:1-7)

1. The Land of Buzzing Wings (Isa_18:1-3)
2. A Time for Pruning (Isa_18:4-6)
3. A Gift for God (Isa_18:7)

G. Woe to Egypt (Isa_19:1-25)

1. The Land of Tottering Idols (Isa_19:1-2)
2. The Spirit of Failing Pride (Isa_19:3-15)
3. The Wave of God’s Hand (Isa_19:16-25)

X. The Role of the Watchman (Isa. 20:1-21:15)

A. The Drama of the Watchman (Isa_20:1-6)

1. Walking Naked Through the Streets (Isa_20:1-2)
2. Announcing that Doom Is Near (Isa_20:3-6)

B. The Vision of the Watchman (Isa_21:1-10)

1. Distressing Truth (Isa_21:1-2)
2. Frightening Truth (Isa_21:3-5)
3. Justifying Truth (Isa_21:6-7)
4. Punishing Truth (Isa_21:8-10)

C. The Word of the Watchman (Isa_21:11-17)

1. Repent of Sin (Isa_21:11-12)
2. Trust in God (Isa_21:13-15)
3. Heed the Warning (Isa_21:16-17)

XI. The Valley of the Vision (Isa. 22:1-23:18)

A. The Valley: Place of Presumptuous Sins (Isa_22:1-14)

1. Presuming on the Grace of God (Isa_22:1-4)
2. Presuming on the Word of God (Isa_22:5-7)
3. Presuming on the Trust of God (Isa_22:8-11)
4. Presuming on the Promise of God (Isa_22:12-14)

B. Shebna: The Presumptuous Steward (Isa_22:15-25)

1. Mayor of the Palace (Isa_22:15)
2. Violator of Trust (Isa_22:16)
3. Subject of Demotion (Isa_22:17-19)
4. Loser of Honor (Isa_22:20-24)
5. Symbol of Human Leadership (Isa_22:25)

C. Tyre: The Presumptuous City (Isa_23:1-18)

1. Marketplace for the Nations (Isa_23:1-3)
2. The Point of Pride (Isa_23:4-5)
3. The Mercenary Spirit (Isa_23:6-9)
4. The Wailing Ships (Isa_23:10-15)
5. The Harlot’s Song (Isa_23:16-18)

Part Five—The Vision Projected Isa. 24:1-35:10

XII. The Apocalypse (Isa. 24:1-27:13)

A. God’s Great Reversal (Isa_24:1-23)

1. The Empty Earth (Isa_24:1)
2. The Scattered People (Isa_24:1-2)
3. The Devouring Curse (Isa_24:3-6)
4. The Broken Spirit (Isa_24:7-13)
5. The Shattered Nations (Isa_24:14-16)
6. The Open Pit (Isa_24:17-18)
7. The Drunken Globe (Isa_24:19-20)
8. The Humbled Mighty (Isa_24:21-22)
9. The Darkened Light (Isa_24:23)
10. The Reigning Lord (Isa_24:23)

B. God’s Long-Range Plan (Isa_25:1-12)

1. All Nations Will Worship Him (Isa_25:1-3)
2. All the Poor Will Have Refuge (Isa_25:4-5)
3. All People Will Be Invited to His Table (Isa_25:6)
4. All Suffering Will End (Isa_25:7-8)
5. All Will Sing the Song of Trust (Isa_25:9)
6. All God’s Adversaries Will Be Frustrated (Isa_25:10-12)

C. Songs of the Future (Isa_26:1-21)

1. Our Strength is In Your Trust (Isa_26:1-6)
2. Our Righteousness Is in Your Trust (Isa_26:7-11)
3. Our Peace Is in Your Lordship (Isa_26:12-15)
4. Our Deliverance Is in Your Power (Isa_26:16-18)
5. Our Hope Is in Your Life (Isa_26:19)
6. Our Future Is in Your Time (Isa_26:20-21)

D. Epic of the Endtime (Isa_27:1-13)

1. God Will Slay Evil (Isa_27:1)
2. God Will Restore Israel (Isa_27:2-5)
3. God Will Prosper Israel (Isa_27:6)
4. God Will Save Israel (Isa_27:7-9)
5. God Will Protect Israel (Isa_27:10-11)
6. God Will Preserve Israel (Isa_27:12)
7. God Will Fulfill Israel (Isa_27:13)

XIII. Oracles of Wisdom—Book I (Isa. 28:1-29:24)

A. The Standard of Wisdom (Isa_28:1-22)

1. What Is Beauty? (Isa_28:1-6)
2. What Is Good? (Isa_28:7-15)
3. What Is True? (Isa_28:16-22)

B. The Parable of Wisdom (Isa. 28:23-29:24)

1. The Way of Wisdom (Isa_28:23-29)
2. The Woe of Wisdom (Isa_29:1-8)
3. The Word of Wisdom (Isa_29:9-16)

a. Self-Induced Blindness (Isa_29:9)
b. God-Induced Stupor (Isa_29:9)
c. Religiously-Induced Blindness (Isa_29:10)
d. Ego-Induced Blindness (Isa_29:10-16)

4. The Restoration of Wisdom (Isa_29:17-21)
5. The Recovery of Righteousness (Isa_29:22-24)

XIV. Oracles of Wisdom—Book II (Isa. 30:1-32:20)

A. The Signs of Rebellion (Isa_30:1-11)

1. You Scheme in Sin (Isa_30:1-5)
2. You Trust in Vain (Isa_30:6-7)
3. You Insult My Word (Isa_30:8-11)

B. The Price of Rebellion (Isa_30:12-18)

1. The Punishment of God (Isa_30:12-17)
2. The Patience of God (Isa_30:18)

C. The Promises of Grace (Isa_30:19-33)

1. You Will Weep No More (Isa_30:19)
2. You Will Learn His Word (Isa_30:20-21)
3. You Will Rebuke Idols (Isa_30:22)
4. You Will Be Healed (Isa_30:23-26)
5. You Will See God Act (Isa_30:27-28)
6. You Will Sing a Song (Isa_30:29-33)

D. The Wisdom of God (Isa_31:1-9)

1. The Foolishness of Human Wisdom (Isa_31:1)
2. The Superiority of Divine Wisdom (Isa_31:2-3)
3. The Mystery of God’s Wisdom (Isa_31:4-9)

E. The Reign of Wisdom (Isa_32:1-20)

1. The Governance of Wisdom (Isa_32:1-8)

a. The King Reigns in Righteousness (Isa_32:1)
b. The Princes Rule with Justice (Isa_32:1)
c. The Masses Are Protected (Isa_32:2)
d. The People Are Enlightened (Isa_32:3-4)
e. The Foolish Are Exposed (Isa_32:5-8)

2. The Spirit of Wisdom (Isa_32:9-15)
3. The Peace of Wisdom (Isa_32:16-20)

XV. The Reign of Righteousness (Isa. 33:1-35:10)

A. The Character of the King (Isa_33:1-24)

1. The King Sees Our Distress (Isa_33:1)
2. The King Hears Our Prayers of Repentance (Isa_33:2-4)
3. The King Accepts Our Praise (Isa_33:5-6)
4. The King Keeps His Promise (Isa_33:7-9)
5. The King Acts on Time (Isa_33:10-13)
6. The King Teaches His People (Isa_33:14-16)
7. The King Reveals His Beauty (Isa_33:17-19)
8. The King Reigns in Peace (Isa_33:20-23)
9. The King Forgives Sin (Isa_33:23-24)

B. Day of Vengeance (Isa_34:1-17)

1. Destruction of the Nations (Isa_34:1-4)
2. Curse on Edom (Isa_34:5-7)
3. Consequences for All Creation (Isa_34:8-15)
4. The Word of the Lord (Isa_34:16-17)

C. Day of Victory (Isa_35:1-10)

1. From Wasteland to Garden (Isa_35:1-2)
2. From Weak to Strong (Isa_35:3-4)
3. From Lame to Leaping (Isa_35:5-6)
4. From Drought to Delta (Isa_35:6-7)
5. From Wilderness to Highway (Isa_35:8-10)

Part Six—The Vision Affirmed Isa. 36:1-39:8

XVI. Hezekiah’s Crisis (Isa. 36:1-37:38)

A. Tactics of a Tyrant (Isa_36:1-20)

1. Make a Generous Offer (Isa_36:1-3)
2. Separate People from the Problem (Isa_36:4-7)
3. Focus on Interests, Not on Position (Isa_36:8-15)
4. Invent Options for Mutual Gain (Isa_36:16-17)
5. Insist on Using Objective Criteria (Isa_36:18-20)

B. The Advantage of Silence (Isa_36:21-22)
C. The Prayer of Fear (Isa_37:1-4)

1. The Preparation for Prayer (Isa_37:1-2)
2. The Prompting for Prayer (Isa_37:3)
3. The Promise of Prayer (Isa_37:4)
4. The Petition of Prayer (Isa_37:4)

D. God’s First Answer to Hezekiah (Isa_37:5-7)
E. The Rabshakeh’s Fatal Error (Isa_37:8-13)
F. The Prayer of Trust (Isa_37:14-20)

1. Exalting the Character of God (Isa_37:14-16)
2. Expressing Confidence in God (Isa_37:17)
3. Objectifying the Dilemma (Isa_37:18-19)
4. Making Bold Petition (Isa_37:20)

G. God’s Second Answer to Hezekiah (Isa_37:21-29)

1. I Heard You (Isa_37:21-24)
2. I Made You (Isa_37:24-27)
3. I Know You (Isa_37:28)
4. I Control You (Isa_37:29)

H. God’s Answer to His People (Isa_37:30-38)

1. The Promise of Peace (Isa_37:30)
2. The Promise of Posterity (Isa_37:31-32)
3. The Promise of Deliverance (Isa_37:33-35)
4. The Proof of the Promise (Isa_37:36-38)

XVII. Hezekiah’s Tombstone Test (38-39)

A. Hezekiah’s Healing (Isa_38:1-9)

1. A Sickness Unto Death (Isa_38:1)
2. A Prayer of Bitterness (Isa_38:2-3)
3. An Answer Beyond Expectations (Isa_38:4-8)

B. The Song of Healing (Isa_38:9-20)

1. Hezekiah’s Thoughts (Isa_38:10-11)
2. Hezekiah’s Feelings (Isa_38:12)
3. Hezekiah’s Reactions (Isa_38:13-14)
4. Hezekiah’s Prayer (Isa_38:14)
5. How Then Shall I Live? (Isa_38:15-20)

a. I Will Walk Carefully in Your Sight (Isa_38:15)
b. I Will Live Dependent upon Your Power (Isa_38:16)
c. I Will Live Forgiven by Your Grace (Isa_38:17)
d. I Will Sing Always in Your Presence (Isa_38:18-20)

C. Hezekiah’s Legacy to the Future (Isa_39:1-8)

1. Hezekiah’s Response to Flattery (Isa_39:1-2)
2. Isaiah’s Question(Isa_39:3-4)
3. God’s Answer (Isa_39:5-7)
4. Hezekiah’s Epitaph (Isa_39:8)

Part Seven—The Vision Tested Isa. 40:1-41:29

XVIII. The Comfort of God (Isa_40:1-31)

A. The Good News of God (Isa_40:1-11)

1. The Tone of Love (Isa_40:1)
2. The Theme of Salvation (Isa_40:2)
3. The Text of Promise (Isa_40:3-11)

a. Deliverance from Babylon (Isa_40:3-5)
b. Return to Judah (Isa_40:6-8)
c. The Restoration of Jerusalem (Isa_40:9-11)

B. The Transcendence of God (Isa_40:12-31)

1. His Transcendence Over Nations (Isa_40:12-17)
2. His Transcendence Over Graven Images (Isa_40:18-20)
3. His Transcendence Over Rulers (Isa_40:21-24)
4. His Transcendence Over Gods (Isa_40:25-26)
5. His Transcendence Over All Powers (Isa_40:27-31)

XIX. The Character of God (Isa_41:1-29)

A. The Trial of Heathen Nations (Isa_41:1-7)

1. God’s Summons (Isa_41:1)
2. God’s Case (Isa_41:2-5)
3. The Heathen’s Response (Isa_41:6)
4. The Verdict of History (Isa_41:7)

B. The Call to Servanthood (Isa_41:8-20)

1. Chosen by Love(Isa_41:8-9)
2. Empowered by Grace (Isa_41:10-20)

C. The Trial of the Gods (Isa_41:21-29)

1. God’s Summons (Isa_41:21)
2. God’s Test (Isa_41:22-24)
3. God’s Proof (Isa_41:25-28)
4. God’s Verdict (Isa_41:29)

Part Eight—The Vision Verified Isa. 42:1-48:22

XX. The New Order (Isa_42:1—Isa_43:28)

A. Introducing the New Servant (Isa_42:1-4)

1. Affirming His Relationship (Isa_42:1)
2. Distinguishing His Character (Isa_42:2-4)

B. Empowering the New Servant (Isa_42:5-13)

1. A New Energy (Isa_42:5)
2. A New Righteousness (Isa_42:6)
3. A New Covenant (Isa_42:6)
4. A New Change(Isa_42:6-7)
5. New Things (Isa_42:8-9)
6. A New Song (Isa_42:10-13)

C. The Passion of God (Isa_42:14-17)

1. The Pain of Patience (Isa_42:14)
2. The Initiative of Love (Isa_42:15-17)

D. The Trial of Israel (Isa_42:18-25)

1. The Summons of Israel (Isa_42:18-20)
2. The Case Against Israel (Isa_42:21-22)
3. The Interrogation of Israel (Isa_42:23-24)
4. The Verdict Against Israel (Isa_42:25)

E. The Roots of Redemption (Isa_43:1-28)

1. The New Creation (Isa_43:1)
2. The New Promise (Isa_43:2-4)
3. The New Gathering (Isa_43:5-7)
4. The New Witness (Isa_43:8-13)
5. The New Exodus (Isa_43:14-21)
6. The New Mercy (Isa_43:22-28)

XXI. Saga of Salvation (Isa_44:1—Isa_45:25)

A. Reaffirming His Promises (Isa_44:1-5)

1. Gambling on Grace (Isa_44:1)
2. Pouring Out His Blessing (Isa_44:2-4)
3. Naming His Children (Isa_44:5)

B. Recalling His Name (Isa_44:6-8)

1. God’s Name (Isa_44:6)
2. God’s New Names (Isa_44:6-7)
3. God’s New Name for Israel (Isa_44:8)

C. Asserting His Sovereignty (Isa_44:9-20)

1. How Can Useless Images Be Precious? (Isa_44:9-11)
2. How Can the Creator Be Hungry and Thirsty? (Isa_44:12)
3. How Can Physical Material Be Transformed into a God? (Isa_44:13-17)
4. How Can a Blind, Deaf, and Dumb Statue Be a Witness? (Isa_44:18-20)

D. Redeeming His People (Isa_44:21-28)

1. The Plea to Remember (Isa_44:21-23)
2. The Promise of Deliverance (Isa_44:24-28)

E. Choosing His Instrument (Isa_45:1-25)

1. Commissioning Cyrus, His Shepherd (Isa_45:1-4)
2. Justifying His Choice (Isa_45:5-8)
3. Quieting His Critics (Isa_45:9-13)
4. Showing His Salvation (Isa_45:14-25)

XXII. The Burden of Love (Isa_46:1—Isa_48:22)

A. The Burden of False Gods (Isa_46:1-13)

1. The Gods We Carry (Isa_46:1-2)
2. The God Who Carries Us (Isa_46:3-4)
3. The Test of the Gods (Isa_46:5-7)
4. The Pleasure of God (Isa_46:8-13)

B. The Burden of Presumptuous Sins (Isa_47:1-15)

1. The Presumption of Immunity (Isa_47:1-4)
2. The Presumption of Sovereignty (Isa_47:5-9)
3. The Presumption of Autonomy (Isa_47:10-11)
4. The Presumption of Sorcery (Isa_47:12-15)

C. The Burden of Ungrateful People (Isa_48:1-22)

1. The Hypocrisy of Israel (Isa_48:1-2)
2. The Skepticism of Israel (Isa_48:3-5)
3. The Treachery of Israel (Isa_48:6-8)
4. The Patience of God (Isa_48:9-11)
5. The Plan of God (Isa_48:12-19)
6. The Shout of God (Isa_48:20-22)

Part Nine — The Vision Incarnate Isa. 49:1-57:21

XXIII. The Servant Lord (Isa_49:1-26)

A. His Prophetic Role (Isa_49:1-6)

1. His Call (Isa_49:1)
2. His Preparation (Isa_49:2)
3. His Work (Isa_49:3)
4. His Renewal (Isa_49:4)
5. His Goal (Isa_49:5-6)

B. His Prophetic Confirmation (Isa_49:7-13)

1. I Will Exalt You as My Chosen One (Isa_49:7)
2. I Will Make You My Personal Covenant (Isa_49:8-9)
3. I Will Go Before You as My Gatherer (Isa_49:9-12)
4. I Will Lead Creation in Praise for Your Work (Isa_49:13)

C. His Pastoral Role (Isa_49:14-26)

1. The Fear of Being Forgotten (Isa_49:14-20)
2. The Fear of Being Childless (Isa_49:21-23)
3. The Fear of Being Annihilated (Isa_49:24-26)

XXIV. The Teaching-Learning Servant (Isa_50:1—Isa_52:12)

A. The Teaching-Learning Environment (Isa_50:1-3)

1. The Relationship of Love (Isa_50:1)
2. The Climate of Freedom (Isa_50:1)
3. The Dynamic of Grace (Isa_50:2-3)

B. The Teaching-Learning Plan (Isa_50:4-11)

1. The Teaching-Learning Goal (Isa_50:4)
2. The Teaching-Learning Process (Isa_50:4-6)
3. The Teaching-Learning Test (Isa_50:7-9)
4. The Teaching-Learning Model (Isa_50:10)

C. The Teaching-Learning Curriculum (Isa_51:1—Isa_52:12)

1. The Lesson of History (Isa_51:1-3)
2. The Lesson of Nature (Isa_51:4-6)
3. The Lesson of Law (Isa_51:7-8)
4. The Lesson of Power (Isa_51:9-16)
5. The Lesson of Judgment (Isa_51:17-23)
6. The Lesson of Redemption (Isa_52:1-12)

XXV. The Sin-Bearing Servant (Isa_52:13—Isa_55:13)

A. The Suffering of the Servant (Isa_52:13—Isa_53:12)

1. Suffering Through Obedience (Isa_52:13-15)
2. Suffering from Rejection (Isa_53:1-3)
3. The Suffering of Pain (Isa_53:4-6)
4. Suffering in Silence (Isa_53:7-9)
5. Suffering for Redemption (Isa_53:10-12)

B. The Heritage of the Servants (Isa_54:1-17)

1. The Blessing of Growth (Isa_54:1-3)
2. The Blessing of Grace (Isa_54:4-8)
3. The Blessing of Peace (Isa_54:9-10)
4. The Blessing of Renewal (Isa_54:11-13)
5. The Blessing of Protection (Isa_54:14-17)

C. The Heritage of Strangers (Isa_55:1-13)

1. An Open Invitation (Isa_55:1-5)

a. The Universal Call (Isa_55:1)
b. The Free Gift (Isa_55:1)
c. The Satisfying Life (Isa_55:2-3)
d. The Royal Covenant (Isa_55:4-5)

2. An Urgent Imperative (Isa_55:6-9)
3. The Fertile Word (Isa_55:10-11)
4. The Everlasting Sign (Isa_55:12-13)

XXVI. The Effective Servant (Isa_56:1—Isa_57:21)

A. Essentials of Spiritual Religion (Isa_56:1-2)

1. Keeping Justice (Isa_56:1)
2. Doing Righteousness (Isa_56:1)
3. Observing the Sabbath (Isa_56:2)
4. Avoiding All Evil (Isa_56:2)

B. Instructions for Spiritual People (Isa_56:3-8)

1. A Family for Eunuchs (Isa_56:3-5)
2. A Home for Foreigners (Isa_56:6-8)

C. Responsibilities of Leaders (Isa_56:9-12)

1. Alert to Danger (Isa_56:9-10)
2. Able to Sacrifice (Isa_56:11)
3. Accountable for Sin (Isa_56:12)

D. Consequences of Unfaithful Leaders (Isa_57:1-13)

1. Persecution of the Righteous (Isa_57:1-2)
2. Indictment of the Idolaters (Isa_57:3-13)

a. Mockery of God (Isa_57:3-4)
b. Child Sacrifice (Isa_57:5-7)
c. Sexual Immorality (Isa_57:8-9)
d. Spiritual Despair (Isa_57:10-13)

E. Comfort for the Contrite (Isa_57:14-21)

Part Ten — The Vision Spiritualized Isa. 58:1-59:21

XXVII. The Test of Piety (Isa_58:1-14)

A. Piety That Seeks God (Isa_58:1-3)
B. Piety That Offends God (Isa_58:3-9)
C. Piety That Honors God (Isa_58:9-12)
D. Piety That Pleases God (Isa_58:13-14)

XXVIII. The Confession of the Community (Isa_59:1-21)

A. The Consequences of Communal Sin (Isa_59:1-3)
B. The Evolution of Evil (Isa_59:4-8)
C. The Communal Confession (Isa_59:9-15)
D. The Intervention of God (Isa_59:15-20)
E. The Benediction of Blessing (Isa_59:21)

Part Eleven — The Vision Celebrated Isa. 60:1-66:24

XXIX. The Songs of Zion (Isa_60:1—Isa_62:12)

A. The Song of the City (Isa_60:1-22)

1. The Dazzling Dawn (Isa_60:1-3)

a. The Creative Light (Isa_60:1)
b. The Redeeming Light (Isa_60:2)
c. The Attractive Light (Isa_60:3)

2. The Splendor of Riches (Isa_60:4-9)
3. The Radiance of Reconciliation (Isa_60:10-14)
4. The Center of Excellence (Isa_60:15-18)
5. Promise of the New Order (Isa_60:19-22)

B. The Song of the Servant (Isa_61:1-11)

1. The Task of Joy (Isa_61:1-2)
2. Freedom to Live (Isa_61:3)
3. Freedom to Serve (Isa_61:4-7)
4. Freedom to Act (Isa_61:8-9)
5. Freedom to Celebrate (Isa_61:10-11)

C. The Song of the Church (Isa_62:1-12)

1. God’s Accountability for His Word (Isa_62:1-5)
2. God’s Accountability for His Prophets (Isa_62:6-7)
3. God’s Accountability for His Oath (Isa_62:8-9)
4. God’s Accountability for His Command (Isa_62:10-12)

XXX. The Glorious Finale (Isa_63:1—Isa_66:24)

A. The Day of Vengeance (Isa_63:1-6)

1. The Challenge of the Watchman (Isa_63:1-2)
2. The Cause of the Warrior (Isa_63:3-6)

B. Prayer of Intercession (Isa_63:7—Isa_64:12)

1. Memories of Mercy (Isa_63:7-14)
2. Penance for Sin (Isa_63:15-19)
3. Appeal for Help (Isa_64:1-7)
4. Request for Forgiveness (Isa_64:8-12)

C. The True New Age (Isa_65:1-16)

1. The Waiting God (Isa_65:1)
2. The Ultimate Idolatry (Isa_65:2-7)
3. Sweet and Sour Grapes (Isa_65:8-10)
4. Slaughter of the Guilty (Isa_65:11-12)
5. Division of the House (Isa_65:13-16)

D. The New Creation (Isa_65:17-25)

1. A New Heaven and Earth (Isa_65:17)
2. A New City and People (Isa_65:18-25)

E. The New Temple (Isa_66:1-6)

1. The Place of His Presence (Isa_66:1)
2. The Place for Our Spirit (Isa_66:2)
3. The Place for Our Worship (Isa_66:3-4)
4. The Place of Our Trembling (Isa_66:5-6)

F. The New Jerusalem (Isa_66:7-17)

1. Rebirth of the City (Isa_66:7-11)
2. Maturity of the City (Isa_66:12-17)

G. The New Zion (Isa_66:18-24)

1. The Fullness of Salvation (Isa_66:18-23)
2. The Fullness of Judgment (Isa_66:24)