Introduction to Psalms

20 Mar 2020 Book of Psalms

Name: Psalms

Division: Old Testament

Category: Wisdom

Purpose: To provide poetry for the expression of praise, worship, and confession to God

Book No in BIBLE: 19

In Old Testament: 19

In Wisdom: 2

No. of Chapters: 150

No. of Verses: 2461


Almost half (73 Psalms) are attributed to David.

12 were by Asap.

10 were by the sons of Korah.

2 by Solomon. ( 2 & 127)

1 by Moses. (90)

1 by Herman.

1 by Ethan.

50 are anonymous.

Some of the anonymous Psalms are attributed to Ezra.

Date Written: Approx. 1440 – 586 BC

Place of Writing: Sinai desert, Jerusalem

History Covered: NA

Audience: People of Israel

Psalms Statistics

Based on its weight of 150 Chapters its share among the chapters of the BIBLE, Old Testament and Pentateuch. Move your mouse pointer over the bar on the right hand side to get the values.

Total chapters in BIBLE:1189

Total chapters in OT: 929

Total chapters in Wisdom: 243

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Key Verse

Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD. (150:6)

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