Genesis Outline

30 Oct 2018 Book of Genesis

I. The God of Creation: Gen_1:1-31

A. Some Preliminary Remarks
B. Some Powerful Revelations
C. Some Practical Realities

II. Man—God’s Masterpiece: Gen_2:2-25

A. Man—A Natural Being: Gen_2:1-7
B. Man—A Spiritual Being: Gen_2:8-14, Gen_2:16-17
C. Man—A Practical Being: Gen_2:15
D. Man—A Rational Being: Gen_2:18-19
E. Man—A Moral Being: Gen_2:16-17
F. Man—A Social Being: Gen_2:20-25

III. Disaster in Eden: Gen_3:1-24

A. The Conflict in Eden: Gen_3:1-6
B. The Consequences on Earth: Gen_3:7-21
C. The Conclusion in Eternity: Gen_3:22-24

IV. The Human Race: Gen_4:1-26

A. The Derivation of the Human Race: Gen_4:1-2
B. The Dedication of the Human Race: Gen_4:3-7
C. The Deviation of the Human Race: Gen_4:8-26

V. Life and Death: Gen_5:1-32

A. Coming to Grips with Life: Gen_5:1-5
B. Coming to Grips with Death: Gen_5:5-20
C. Coming to Grips with Life After Death: Gen_5:21-32

VI. The Character of God: Gen_6:1-22

A. God’s Principles: Gen_6:1-7
B. God’s Perspective: Gen_6:8-13
C. God’s Pain: Gen_6:6
D. God’s Pleasure: Gen_6:8-9
E. God’s Provision: Gen_6:14-17
F. God’s Patience: Gen_6:22
G. God’s Promise: Gen_6:18-21

VII. A Man of Faith: Gen_7:1-24

A. Faith—A Response to Revelation: Gen_7:1
B. Faith—A Relationship of Trust: Gen_7:16
C. Faith—A Readiness to Obey: Gen_7:2-5
D. Faith—A Release of Blessing: Gen_7:23
E. Faith—A Resource of Power: Gen_7:6-16
F. Faith—A Rebuke to Unfaithfulness: Gen_7:17-22
G. Faith—A Reminder to the Faithful: Gen_7:23-24

VIII. The New Creation: Gen_8:1-22

A. The Entrance to the New Creation: Gen_8:1-14
B. The Enjoyment of the New Creation: Gen_8:15-22

IX. Human Dignity: Gen_9:1-29

A. The Protection of Human Dignity: Gen_9:1-13
B. The Prostitution of Human Dignity: Gen_9:14-21
C. The Promotion of Human Dignity: Gen_9:22-29

X. United Nations: Gen_10:1-32

A. The Formation of the Nations: Gen_10:1-9
B. The Frustrations of the Nations: Gen_10:10-31
C. The Future of the Nations: Gen_10:32

XI. God and Abram: Gen_11:1-32

A. The Call: Gen_11:1-10
B. The Choice: Gen_11:11-20
C. The Conclusion: Gen_11:21-32

XII. Faith: Gen_12:1-20

A. The Experience of Faith: Gen_12:1-8
B. The Extremities of Faith: Gen_12:9-10
C. The Expressions of Faith: Gen_12:11-20

XIII. Facing Up to Reality: Gen_13:1-18

A. Facing Up to Failure: Gen_13:1-4
B. Facing Up to Friction: Gen_13:5-9
C. Facing Up to Facts: Gen_13:10-18

XIV. Getting Involved: Gen_14:1-24

A. Abram’s Involvement with Sodom: Gen_14:1-17, Gen_14:21-24
B. Abram’s Involvement with Salem: Gen_14:18-20

XV. The Promises of God: Gen_15:1-21

A. The Promises of God Banish Fear: Gen_15:1-3
B. The Promises of God Promote Faith: Gen_15:4-6
C. The Promises of God Unveil the Future: Gen_15:7-21

XVI. Making Mistakes: Gen_16:1-16

A. Making Mistakes: Gen_16:1-4
B. Making Mistakes Worse: Gen_16:5-6
C. Making Something Out of Mistakes: Gen_16:7-16

XVII. Covenant: Gen_17:1-27

A. The Concept of the Covenant: Gen_17:1-2
B. The Content of the Covenant: Gen_17:3-14
C. The Consequences of the Covenant: Gen_17:15-27

XVIII. Big Questions About God: Gen_18:1-33

A. A Question of Divine Ability: Gen_18:1-15
B. A Question of Divine Strategy: Gen_18:16-21
C. A Question of Divine Integrity: Gen_18:22-33

XIX. The Significance of Sodom: Gen_19:1-38

A. Sodom’s Society: Gen_19:1-12
B. Sodom’s Sin: Gen_19:13-26
C. Sodom’s Significance: Gen_19:27-38

XX. The Danger of Underestimating: Gen_20:1-18

A. Underestimating Personal Characteristics: Gen_20:1
B. Underestimating Spiritual Considerations: Gen_20:2-7
C. Underestimating Special Circumstances: Gen_20:8-13
D. Underestimating Practical Consequences: Gen_20:14-16
E. Underestimating Divine Control: Gen_20:17-18

XXI. A Time for Every Purpose: Gen_21:1-34

A. A Time to Laugh: Gen_21:1-8
B. A Time to Mourn: Gen_21:9-14
C. A Time to Heal: Gen_21:15-34

XXII. Faith’s High Point: Gen_22:1-24

A. The Incident as a Test: Gen_22:1-8
B. The Incident as a Triumph: Gen_22:9-18
C. The Incident as a Type: Gen_22:19-24

XXIII. Coping with Death: Gen_23:1-20

A. The Experience of Dying: Gen_23:1-2
B. The Experience of Death: Gen_23:3-16
C. The Experience of Bereavement: Gen_23:17-20

XXIV. Commitment: Gen_24:1-67

A. A Commitment to Providence: Gen_24:1-27
B. A Commitment to Principle: Gen_24:28-49
C. A Commitment to Performance: Gen_24:50-61
D. A Commitment to People: Gen_24:62-67

XXV. From Womb to Tomb: Gen_25:1-34

A. Man in the Tomb: Gen_25:1-8
B. Man in the Womb: Gen_25:9-26
C. Man in the Middle: Gen_25:27-34

XXVI. Pressure Points: Gen_26:1-35

A. Political Pressure: Gen_26:1-3
B. Psychological Pressure: Gen_26:4-10
C. Personal Pressure: Gen_26:11-28
D. Parental Pressure: Gen_26:29-35

XXVII. All in the Family: Gen_27:1-46

A. How are Families Founded?: Gen_27:1-3
B. Why Do Families Fail?: Gen_27:4-45
C. When Do Families Flourish?: Gen_27:46

XXVIII. Meet the Master: Gen_28:1-22

A. The Action of Yahweh: Gen_28:1-13
B. The Reaction of Jacob: Gen_28:14-22

XXIX. The School of Hard Knocks: Gen_29:1-35

A. The School’s Founder: Gen_29:1
B. The School’s Curriculum: Gen_29:1-31
C. The School’s Graduates: Gen_29:32-35

XXX. Relationships: Gen_30:1-43

A. Relationships Reflect Values: Gen_30:1-15
B. Relationships Reveal Vices: Gen_30:16-39
C. Relationships Refine Virtues: Gen_30:40-43

XXXI. Settling Differences: Gen_31:1-55

A. The Reasons Differences Arise: Gen_31:1-32
B. The Results Differences Produce: Gen_31:33-43
C. The Resolution Differences Demand: Gen_31:44-45

XXXII. The Main Event: Gen_32:1-32

A. The Night of Struggle: Gen_32:1-24
B. The Moment of Truth: Gen_32:25-26
C. The Hour of Decision: Gen_32:27-29
D. The Day of Blessing: Gen_32:30-32

XXXIII. Repairing the Damage: Gen_33:1-20

A. Willingness to Admit Guilt: Gen_33:1-4
B. Readiness to Accept Apology: Gen_33:5-8
C. Openness to Administer Forgiveness: Gen_33:9-20

XXXIV. Violence: Gen_34:1-31

A. The Roots of Violence: Gen_34:1-2
B. The Results of Violence: Gen_34:2-24
C. The Response to Violence: Gen_34:25-31

XXXV. Spiritual Renewal: Gen_35:1-29

A. Why is Spiritual Renewal Necessary?: Gen_35:1-8
B. How is Spiritual Renewal Experienced?: Gen_35:9-15
C. When is Spiritual Renewal Possible?: Gen_35:16-29

XXXVI. The Bitter Root: Gen_36:1-43

A. Esau’s Experience: Gen_36:1-8
B. Esau’s Example: Gen_36:9-43

XXXVII. Boys Will Be Men: Gen_37:1-36

A. The Instillation of Worthy Principles: Gen_37:1-10
B. The Inevitability of Various Pressures: Gen_37:11-35
C. The Intricacies of Divine Plans: Gen_37:36

XXXVIII. The Chain of Events: Gen_38:1-30

A. Links in the Chain: Gen_38:1-26
B. Lessons from the Links: Gen_38:27-30

XXXIX. Success: Gen_39:1-23

A. Nothing Succeeds Like Success: Gen_39:1-6
B. Nothing Seduces Like Success: Gen_39:7-17
C. Nothing Sustains Like Success: Gen_39:18-23

XL. Discouragement: Gen_40:1-23

A. Some Reasons for Discouragement: Gen_40:1-19
B. Some Reactions to Discouragement: Gen_40:20-22
C. Some Resources for Discouragement: Gen_40:23

XLI. Living in Two Worlds: Gen_41:1-57

A. The Spiritual World: Gen_41:1-39
B. The Secular World: Gen_41:40-50
C. The Spiritual Person in the Secular World: Gen_41:51-57

XLII. Leadership: Gen_42:1-38

A. The Acceptance of Responsibility: Gen_42:1-18
B. The Reputation for Dependability: Gen_42:19-36
C. The Development of Ability: Gen_42:37
D. The Exercise of Authority: Gen_42:38

XLIII. It’s a Changing World: Gen_43:1-34

A. Change Will Be Inevitable: Gen_43:1-10
B. Change May Be Uncomfortable: Gen_43:11-30
C. Change Should Be Profitable: Gen_43:31-34

XLIV. Putting Things Right: Gen_44:1-34

A. Relationships Must Be Evaluated Realistically: Gen_44:1-17
B. Responsibility Must Be Accepted Individually: Gen_44:18-33
C. Repentance Must Be Expressed Genuinely: Gen_44:34

XLV. Joseph’s Revelation: Gen_45:1-28

A. The Need to Relate: Gen_45:1-2
B. The Need to Reconcile: Gen_45:3-15
C. The Need to Restore: Gen_45:16-28

XLVI. The God of Surprises: Gen_46:1-34

A. His Surprising Purposes: Gen_46:1-4
B. His Surprising Practices: Gen_46:5-26
C. His Surprising People: Gen_46:27-34

XLVII. Life is a Pilgrimage: Gen_47:1-31

A. The Mentality a Pilgrim Develops: Gen_47:1-9
B. The Difficulty a Pilgrim Encounters: Gen_47:10-24
C. The Quality a Pilgrim Displays: Gen_47:25-31

XLVIII. The Ages of Man: Gen_48:1-22

A. Jacob—The Voice of the Past: Gen_48:1-16
B. Joseph—The Mainstay of the Present: Gen_48:17-21
C. Ephraim—The Hope of the Future: Gen_48:22

XLIX. Appropriate Blessings: Gen_49:1-33

A. The Men Who Were Disqualified: Gen_49:1-18
B. The Men Who Were Distinguished: Gen_49:19-27
C. The Man Who Was Different: Gen_49:28-33

L. When Things Get Worse: Gen_50:1-26

A. Joseph’s Statement of Faith: Gen_50:1-25
B. Joseph’s Symbol of Hope: Gen_50:26
C. Joseph’s Show of Love: Gen_50:26