Exodus Outline

30 Oct 2018 Book of Exodus

I. A People Who Refused to Die: Exo_1:1-22

A. Covenant: Exo_1:1-7
B. Change: Exo_1:8
C. Conflict: Exo_1:9-14
D. Commitment: Exo_1:15-22
E. Death and Life
F. Life and Choice
G. Confirmation and Certainty

II. The Providence of God in Moses’ Formative Years: Exo_2:1-25

A. A Miracle Child: Exo_2:1-10
B. Moses Grows Up: Exo_2:11-15
C. Moses’ Exile in Midian: Exo_2:15-22
D. When Are We Most Like God: Exo_2:23-25

III. The Call of Moses: Exo. 3:1-4:17

A. Lessons from the Burning Bush: Exo_3:1-6
B. A Redeeming God and a Redemption that is Complete: Exo_3:7-10
C. A Reluctant Prophet: Exo. 3:11-4:12
D. Moses’ Refusal and God’s Anger: Exo_4:13-17

IV. The Testing of Faith: Exo. 4:18-5:21

A. Faith Tested on the Journey Back to Egypt: Exo_4:18-31
B. Faith Tested in Confrontation with Pharaoh: Exo_5:1-5
C. Faith Tested in the Renunciation of Moses by His People:Exo_5:6-21

V. The Triumph of Faith: Exo. 5:22-7:13

A. Live the Questions: Exo. 5:22-6:13
B. The Family Tree: Exo_6:14-27
C. Aaron’s Miraculous Rod: Exo. 6:28-7:13

VI. The Plagues: Revelations of God’s Power: Exo. 7:14-10:29

A. The First Plague: The Nile Turned to Blood: Exo_7:14-25
B. The Second Plague: Frogs: Exo_8:1-15
C. The Third Plague: Lice: Exo_8:16-19
D. The Fourth Plague: Flies: Exo_8:20-32
E. The Fifth Plague: Pestilence Upon the Cattle: Exo_9:1-7
F. The Sixth Plague: Boils Upon Man and Beast: Exo_9:8-12
G. The Seventh Plague: Hail: Exo_9:13-35
H. The Eighth Plague: Locusts: Exo_10:1-20
I. The Ninth Plague: Darkness: Exo_10:21-29
J. Let God Be God

VII. The Passover: Exo. 11:1-13:16

A. The Tenth Plague: Death: Exo_11:1-10; Exo_12:29-42
B. Institution of the Passover: Exo_12:1-28
C. Passover Regulations: Exo_12:43-51
D. Dedication of Firstborn: Exo_13:1-16

VIII. The Crossing of the Red Sea: Exo. 13:17-14:31

A. The Wilderness Way: Exo_13:17-22
B. What to Do When You are in a Fix: Exo_14:1-18
C. Crossing the Red Sea: Exo_14:19-31

IX. The Gospel of Marah: Exo_15:1-27

A. Songs Celebrating Victory: Exo_15:1-21
B. The Bitter Waters of Marah: Exo_15:22-27

X. Fresh Every Morning: Exo_16:1-36

A. The Miracle of the Manna: Exo_16:1-21
B. Manna for the Sabbath: Exo_16:22-36

XI. Lessons from Rephidim: Exo_17:1-16

A. Being the Lord’s Instrument: Exo_17:1-7
B. Being the Lord’s Intercessor: Exo_17:8-16

XII. Family Reunion: Exo_18:1-27

A. A Joyful Reunion: Exo_18:1-7
B. Jethro Worships Yahweh: Exo_18:8-12
C. Sharing the Load: Exo_18:13-27

XIII. With the Lord at the Mountain: Exo_19:1-25

A. Israel: A Special Treasure to the Lord: Exo_19:1-8
B. Preparation for Meeting the Lord: Exo_19:9-15
C. The Coming of the Lord: Exo_19:16-25

XIV. Covenant Law at Sinai: The Ten Commandments: Exo_20:1-26

A. The Ten Commandments: Exo_20:1-17
B. The Thick Darkness Where God Was: Exo_20:18-26

XV. Covenant Law at Sinai: Civil, Criminal, and Covenant: Exo. 21:1-24:18

A. The Law Concerning Servants: Exo_21:1-11
B. The Law Concerning Violence: Exo_21:12-27
C. Animal Control Laws: Exo_21:28-36
D. Responsibility for Property: Exo_22:1-15
E. Moral and Ceremonial Principles: Exo. 22:16-23:19
F. Ministering Angel: Exo_23:20-33
G. Israel Affirms the Covenant: Exo_24:1-18

XVI. Camping with God: The Tabernacle and the Priest: Exo. 25:1-31:18

A. Materials for the Sanctuary: Exo_25:1-9
B. The Tabernacle: Exo_26:1-37
C. The Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat: Exo_25:10-22
D. The Table of Showbread: Exo_25:23-30
E. The Gold Lampstand: Exo_25:31-40
F. The Altar of Burnt Offering: Exo_27:1-8
G. The Altar of Incense: Exo_30:1-10
H. The Bronze Layer: Exo_30:17-21
I. The Ransom Money: Exo_30:11-16
J. The Holy Anointing Oil and the Incense for the Altar: Exo_30:22-38
K. The Court of the Tabernacle: Exo_27:9-19
L. The Care of the Lampstand: Exo_27:20-21
M. The Garments of the Priesthood: Exo_28:1-43
N. The Consecration of the Priests: Exo_29:1-46
O. The Appointment of Craftsmen: Exo_31:1-11
P. Keeping the Sabbath: Exo_31:12-17
Q. With the Finger of God: Exo_31:18

XVII. Rebellion: Exo. 32:1-33:6

A. The People’s Faithlessness: Exo_32:1-6
B. It’s Tough to Be God: Exo_32:7-14
C. Taught by a Golden Calf: Exo_32:15-29
D. Powerful Intercession: Exo_32:30-35
E. The Command to Leave Sinai: Exo_33:1-6

XVIII. Renewal of the Covenant: Exo. 33:7-40:38

A. Moses’ Third Intercession: Exo_33:7-17
B. Show Me Your Glory: Exo. 33:18-34:9

C. Renewal of the Covenant: Exo_34:10-35
D. Construction of the Tabernacle: Exo. 35:1-40:38