Deuteronomy Outline

I. “These are the Words Which Moses Spoke”: Deu_1:1-5

A. Moses’ Final Messages: Deu_1:1-5

II. Preparation Commanded for the Promised Land: Deu_1:6-18

A. See the Land (Vision): Deu_1:6-8
B. Share the Load (Delegation): Deu_1:9-14
C. Select the Leaders (Leadership): Deu_1:15
D. Structure the Leadership (Organization): Deu_1:16-18

III. Problems Encountered at the Promised Land: Deu_1:19-46

A. The Best Is Yet to Come
B. The Land is Seen: Deu_1:19-21
C. The Land is Searched: Deu_1:22-25
D. The Rebellion of the People: Deu_1:26-33
E. The Response of the Lord: Deu_1:34-40
F. The Reaction of the People: Deu_1:41-46

IV. Potential Lost at the Promised Land: Deu_2:1-15

A. A Goal is Lost and a Generation is Lost: Deu_2:1-15

V. Principal Events Outside the Promised Land: Deu. 2:16-3:29

A. The Kings are Defeated and Delivered: Deu. 2:16-3:11
B. The Land is Possessed and Divided: Deu_3:12-17
C. The People are Commanded and Directed: Deu_3:18-22
D. Moses is Forbidden to See the Promised Land: Deu_3:23-29

VI. Past Incidents Interpreted for Entry into the Promised Land: Deu_4:1-40

A. Respond Appropriately to God’s Law: Deu_4:1-8
B. Remember Diligently God’s Blessings: Deu_4:9-14
C. Reject Continually Any Other Gods: Deu_4:15-31
D. Reflect Inwardly that God Chose You: Deu_4:32-40

VII. Old Law for a New Generation: Deu. 4:41-5:33

A. Introduction to the Message: Deu_4:41-49
B. The Ten Commandments Received: Deu_5:1-22
C. The Ten Commandments Revered: Deu_5:23-33

VIII. Old Law for Succeeding Generations: Deu_6:1-25

A. Receive the Law Personally: Deu_6:1-5
B. Teach the Law Continually: Deu_6:6-9
C. Live the Law Completely: Deu_6:10-19
D. Explain the Law Historically: Deu_6:20-25

IX. A Chosen People: Deu_7:1-26

A. Separated to God: Deu_7:1-5
B. Selected by God: Deu_7:6-11
C. Successful in God: Deu_7:12-26

X. Remember the Lord’s Provision: Deu_8:1-20

A. Remember the Lord’s Blessings When Things are Bad: Deu_8:1-10
B. Remember the Lord’s Blessings When Things are Good: Deu_8:11-20

XI. Remember Your Provocation: Deu. 9:1-10:11

A. God’s Provisions in Spite of Our Provocation: Deu_9:1-6
B. Israel’s Problems Because of Provoking God: Deu_9:7-24
C. Moses’ Prayer on Behalf of the People: Deu. 9:25-10:11

XII. Respond with Total Obedience: Deu. 10:12-11:32

A. Israel Must Obey God Because of His Greatness: Deu_10:12-22
B. Israel Must Obey God Because of What They Have Seen:Deu_11:1-7
C. Israel Must Obey God Because of What They Will Receive: Deu_11:8-17
D. Israel Must Obey God Because of His Blessings on Their Family: Deu_11:18-21
E. Israel Must Obey God Because of the Victories They Will Accomplish:

F. Israel Must Obey God Because of the Consequences of Their Choices: Deu_11:26-32

XIII. Regulations Concerning Worship: Deu_12:1-32
XIV. Potential Influences to Idolatry: Deu_13:1-18

A. Religious Leaders: Deu_13:1-5
B. Family and Close Friends: Deu_13:6-11
C. Community Leaders: Deu_13:12-18

XV. Regulations Concerning Mourning and Eating: Deu_14:1-21

A. Improper Mourning: Deu_14:1-2
B. Eating: Deu_14:3-21

XVI. Regulations Concerning Giving: Deu. 14:22-15:23

A. Giving Support to God’s Work: Deu_14:22-29
B. Giving Release to Debtors: Deu_15:1-6
C. Giving Generously to the Poor: Deu_15:7-11
D. Giving Freedom to the Bondservant: Deu_15:12-18
E. Sacrifice of Firstborn Animals: Deu_15:19-23

XVII. Regulations Concerning Feasts: Deu_16:1-17

A. The Passover: Deu_16:1-8
B. The Feast of Weeks: Deu_16:9-12
C. The Feast of Tabernacles: Deu_16:13-17

XVIII. Regulations Concerning Society: Deu. 16:18-19:21

A. Administration of Justice: Deu. 16:18-17:13
B. Principles for Israel’s Kings: Deu_17:14-20
C. Provision for the Priests and Levites: Deu_18:1-8
D. Prohibition of Wicked Customs: Deu_18:9-14
E. Another Moses Promised: Deu_18:15-22
F. The Cities of Refuge: Deu_19:1-21

XIX. Regulations Concerning War: Deu_20:1-20

A. Preparing the Army Spiritually: Deu_20:1-4
B. Preparing the Army Internally: Deu_20:5-9
C. Preparing the Approach Externally: Deu_20:10-20

XX. Regulations Concerning Murder, War, and Family Affairs: Deu_21:1-23

A. Unsolved Murder: Deu_21:1-9
B. Female War Prisoners: Deu_21:10-14
C. The Firstborn Inheritance Rights: Deu_21:15-17
D. The Rebellious Son: Deu_21:18-21
E. A Hanged Man: Deu_21:22-23

XXI. Regulations Concerning Various Issues:Deu. 22:1-23:25

A. Assisting Your Neighbor: Deu_22:1-4
B. Transvestism: Deu_22:5
C. Birds: Deu_22:6-7
D. Home Safety: Deu_22:8
E. Prohibition of Certain Mixtures: Deu_22:9-11
F. Tassels: Deu_22:12
G. Sexual Morality: Deu_22:13-30
H. Admission into the Lord’s Assembly: Deu_23:1-8
I. Cleanliness in the Camp: Deu_23:9-14
J. Escaped Slaves: Deu_23:15-16
K. Prostitution: Deu_23:17-18
L. Lending with Interest: Deu_23:19-20
M. Making a Vow: Deu_23:21-23
N. Eating Other People’s Crops: Deu_23:24-25

XXII. Responsibilities Concerning the Weak and the Wrong: Deu. 24:1-25:19

A. Remarriage After Divorce: Deu_24:1-4
B. Responsibilities Concerning the Weak: Deu_24:5-22
C. Administration of Beatings: Deu_25:1-4
D. Continuing a Dead Man’s Name: Deu_25:5-10
E. Responsibilities Concerning the Wrong: Deu_25:11-12
F. Honest Weights and Measures: Deu_25:13-16
G. Responsibilities Concerning the Amalekites: Deu_25:17-19

XXIII. Acknowledgment of God as Benefactor: Deu_26:1-19

A. Acknowledgment by Offerings: Deu_26:1-15
B. Acknowledgment by Obedience: Deu_26:16-19

XXIV. Emphasizing the Covenant: Deu. 27:1-28:68

A. Written for the People to See: Deu_27:1-8
B. Spoken for the People to Hear: Deu_27:9-10
C. Curses on Disobedience: Deu_27:11-26
D. Options for the People to Decide: Deu_28:1-68

XXV. Entering into the Covenant: Deu. 29:1-30:20

A. Enter on the Basis of History: Deu_29:1-9
B. Enter that God May Establish You: Deu_29:10-13
C. Enter for the Sake of Others: Deu_29:14-29
D. Enter for the Sake of the Nation: Deu_30:1-10
E. Enter on the Basis of Understanding: Deu_30:11-14
F. Enter Today While the Option is Clear: Deu_30:15-20

XXVI. Preparation for the Land Which Lies Ahead: Deu. 31:1-33:29

A. A Leader to Be Selected: Deu_31:1-8
B. Law to Be Read Regularly: Deu_31:9-13
C. A Warning Message: Deu_31:14-21
D. A Message to Be Delivered: Deu_31:22-29
E. A Song to Be Sung: Deu. 31:30-32:47
F. A Land to Be Denied: Deu_32:48-52
G. A Blessing to Be Given: Deu_33:1-29

XXVII. A Change of Leaders: Deu_34:1-12

A. The Death of Moses: Deu_34:1-8
B. Moses Remembered: Deu_34:9-12