1Samuel Outline

I. The Story of Samuel: 1Sa. 1:1-8:22

A. Samuel’s Birth and Dedication: 1Sa. 1:1-2:11

1. Samuel’s Roots: 1Sa_1:1-7
2. Hannah’s Blessing: 1Sa_1:8-18
3. Samuel’s Birth and Dedication: 1Sa_1:19-28
4. Hannah’s Song: 1Sa_2:1-11

B. From One Prophet to Another: 1Sa. 2:12-4:1

1. Contrasts in Ministry: 1Sa_2:12-21
2. God’s Judgment on Eli’s House: 1Sa_2:22-36
3. The Call of Samuel: 1Sa_3:1-10
4. Samuel’s First Message: 1Sa_3:11-18
5. The Establishment of the Leader: 1Sa. 3:19-4:1

C. Losing the Ark of the Covenant: 1Sa. 4:1-7:1

1. When Our Symbols Fail Us: 1Sa_4:1-11
2. When the Glory is Gone: 1Sa_4:12-22
3. When Gods Fall: 1Sa_5:1-12

4. How to Get Rid of the Ark of God: 1Sa_6:1-12
5. How to Receive the Ark of God: 1Sa. 6:13-7:1

D. The Last Judge of Israel: 1Sa. 7:2-8:22

1. The Renewing of a Covenant: 1Sa_7:2-6
2. Depending on God: 1Sa_7:7-11
3. Building Remembering Places: 1Sa_7:12-17
4. When Leaders Fail: 1Sa_8:1-5
5. What It Means to Have a King: 1Sa_8:6-22

II. The Story of Saul: 1Sa. 9:1-14:52

A. The First King of Israel: 1Sa. 9:1-12:25

1. A King is Chosen: 1Sa_9:1-27
2. The Anointing and Assuring of a King: 1Sa_10:1-16
3. Israel Meets Her King: 1Sa_10:17-27
4. The Kingship Ratified: 1Sa_11:1-15
5. Samuel’s Sermon at Saul’s Coronation: 1Sa_12:1-25

B. The Wars of Liberation: 1Sa. 13:1-14:52

1. Fighting Against Odds: 1Sa_13:1-7
2. Learning to Trust God: 1Sa_13:8-15
3. When Things Seem Hopeless: 1Sa_13:16-23
4. If God is in It: 1Sa_14:1-23
5. Conflict Within Victory: 1Sa_14:24-46
6. The Summary of Saul’s Wars: 1Sa_14:47-52

III. The Story of Saul and David: 1Sa. 15:1-31:13

A. The Beginning of the Decline of Saul’s Dynasty: 1Sa. 15:1-17:58

1. The Superiority of Obedience: 1Sa_15:1-23
2. When Repentance is Too Late: 1Sa_15:24-35
3. God’s Unlikely Choices: 1Sa_16:1-13
4. The Future King as a Servant: 1Sa_16:14-23
5. The Giants that Intimidate: 1Sa_17:1-11
6. Faith in the Family: 1Sa_17:12-29
7. The Source of Confidence: 1Sa_17:30-40
8. Claiming God’s Victory: 1Sa_17:41-53
9. Meeting the King: 1Sa_17:54-58

B. The War Between the Anointeds: 1Sa. 18:1-20:42

1. When Success Breeds Envy: 1Sa_18:1-16
2. Openness and Trust Meet Deceit: 1Sa_18:17-30
3. Friends Who Intercede: 1Sa_19:1-7
4. When Family Intervenes: 1Sa_19:8-17
5. When the Spirit Distracts: 1Sa_19:18-24
6. When Friendships are Tested: 1Sa_20:1-23
7. When Friends are Loyal: 1Sa_20:24-42

C. David Becomes a Fugitive: 1Sa. 21:1-26:25

1. Finding Resources for Troubled Times: 1Sa_21:1-9
2. Finding Safety in Helplessness: 1Sa_21:10-15
3. The Gathering of a People: 1Sa_22:1-5
4. The Breakdown of Leadership: 1Sa_22:6-23
5. Putting Others Ahead of Self: 1Sa_23:1-13
6. Help from Unexpected Sources: 1Sa_23:14-29
7. Respecting God’s Anointed: 1Sa_24:1-7
8. A Case for Innocence: 1Sa_24:8-15
9. An Effort at Reconciliation: 1Sa_24:16-22
10. Samuel’s Death: 1Sa_25:2
11. When Wealth and Power Breed Contempt: 1Sa_25:2-11
12. When Wisdom Interrupts Anger: 1Sa_25:12-35
13. The Solidifying of Support: 1Sa_25:36-44
14. Enemies Who Never Give Up: 1Sa_26:1-12
15. When There’s Talk Without Communication: 1Sa_26:13-25

D. Life Among the Philistines: 1Sa. 27:1-31:13

1. Finding Safety with Enemies: 1Sa_27:1-12
2. When Deceit Works Too Well: 1Sa_28:1-2
3. A Leader Without Confidence: 1Sa_28:3-7
4. When Desperation Rules: 1Sa_28:8-19
5. Small Comfort from a Strange Source: 1Sa_28:20-25
6. Being Saved by Our Enemies: 1Sa_29:1-11
7. A Disastrous Homecoming: 1Sa_30:1-6
8. When People Turn to God: 1Sa_30:7-10
9. The Hand of God: 1Sa_30:11-15
10. Recovering Everything: 1Sa_30:16-31
11. The Inevitable End: 1Sa_31:1-13