1Chronicles Outline

I. Names Are People: 1Ch. 1:1-5:26

A. God’s People in God’s World: 1Ch. 1:1-2:2
B. David, Key to History: 1Ch. 2:3-4:23
C. Lighted Windows: 1Ch_2:3-4, 1Ch_2:7; 1Ch_4:9-10
D. The Secret of Survival: 1Ch. 4:24-5:26

II. God’s Relay Race: 1Ch. 6:1-9:34

A. Putting God at the Center: 1Ch_6:1-81
B. Our Denomination and God’s Church: 1Ch. 7:1-8:40
C. Another Chance: 1Ch_9:1-34

III. Israel at the Crossroads: 1Ch. 9:35-12:40

A. The Way of Exile: 1Ch. 9:35-10:14
B. The Way of Restoration: 1Ch. 11:1-12:40

IV. Giving God Pride of Place: 1Ch. 13:1-16:43

A. Good Intentions: 1Ch_13:1-14
B. … Honored by God: 1Ch_14:1-17
C. Doing It Right: 1Ch. 15:1-16:6; 1Ch_16:37-43
D. Doxology—Antidote to Despair: 1Ch_16:7-36

V. Thy Kingdom Come!: 1Ch. 17:1-20:8

A. God’s Promises Are Forever: 1Ch_17:1-15
B. David’s Amen to God’s Will: 1Ch_17:16-27
C. Fitting into God’s Plans: 1Ch. 18:1-20:8

VI. Saved to Serve: 1Ch. 21:1-22:19

A. A Gracious Discovery: 1Ch. 21:1-22:1
B. Resources for the Task: 1Ch_22:2-19

VII. Varieties of Ministry: 1Ch. 23:1-26:32

A. “Who Sweeps a Room …”: 1Ch_23:1-12, 1Ch_23:14-32; 1Ch_24:20-31
B. Priestly Duties: 1Ch_23:13; 1Ch_24:1-19
C. Sacred Music and Song: 1Ch_25:1-31
D. “Who May Ascend to the Hill of the Lord?”: 1Ch_26:1-19
E. Finance: 1Ch_26:20-28
F. A Wider Ministry: 1Ch_26:29-32

VIII. Transition: 1Ch. 27:1-29:30

A. God’s Stewards: 1Ch. 27:1-28:21
B. Willing Gifts and Worshiping God: 1Ch_29:1-19
C. God’s Earthly Throne: 1Ch_29:20-30