Praise and Worship in 2Samuel

Praise in 2Samuel

His guidance each day (2:1)

His sovereignty over our life (5:12)

His faithful love for us (7:14-15)

Those who confront us directly about sin (12:17)

His attentiveness to our prayers (22:7)

His constant protection (22:49)

His words to us (23:3)

Worship in 2Samuel

Can sinners worship God? Many people think they must be without sin in their lives before they enter a church or participate in public worship. But participating in worship even when we feel shameful can help us face our sinfulness. Worship also recalls God’s all-sufficient grace for those who wish to receive it. Often true worship can bring about real repentance.

While we may experience disappointments in our life, God is still good, and we can praise him for his greatness.

We can worship God even while we mourn (1:17).

God is holy, and we must not regard his commands as trivial (6:7).

We can express our worship of God in different ways (6:14).

We should offer thanksgiving when we recall the Lord’s work on our behalf (7:18-29).

God is worthy of our worship (22:4).

True worship recognizes that there is a price to pay in order to commune with God (24:24).