Overview of Proverbs

20 Mar 2020 Book of Proverbs
  • 20th book of the BIBLE, Old Testament and 3rd of the 5 wisdom or poetic books
  • According to 1 Kings 4:32, Solomon spoke:
    • – 3,000 proverbs.
    • – 1,005 songs.
  • Only about 800 of Solomon’s proverbs are included in this Book of Proverbs.
  • Therefore, 2,300 of his proverbs are not contained in the Book of Proverbs.
  • There is no Biblical information about Agur or Lemuel.
  • The key word in Proverbs is “wisdom,” meaning “the ability to live skillfully.”
    • “Wisdom” means skill.
    • “Instruction” means discipline.
  • Proverbs provides detailed instructions for His people to deal successfully with the practical affairs of everyday life.
    • How to relate to God.
    • How to relate to neighbors.
    • How to relate to parents.
    • How to relate to government.
    • How to relate to children.
  • The Book of Proverbs is designed to:
    • Prevent ungodly life-styles.
    • Remedy ungodly life-styles
  • Many powerful contrasts are found again and again. Antithesis helps to clarify the meaning of key words. Among the ideas set in vivid contrast with each other are:
    • Wisdom versus Folly
    • Righteousness versus Wickedness
    • Good versus Evil
    • Life versus Death
    • Prosperity versus Poverty
    • Honor versus Dishonor
    • Permanence versus Transience
    • Truth versus Falsehood
    • Industry versus Indolence
    • Friend versus Enemy
    • Prudence versus Rashness
    • Fidelity versus Adultery
    • Peace versus Violence
    • Goodwill versus Anger
    • God versus Man