Overview of Nehemiah

17 Mar 2020 Book of Nehemiah
  • 16th book of the BIBLE, Old Testament and 11th of the 12 historical books
  • The historical period covered by the books of Ezra and Nehemiah is about 110 years.
  • Whereas Ezra deals with the religious restoration of Judah, Nehemiah is primarily concerned with Judah’s political and geographical restoration.
  •  The first seven chapters deal with the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem.
  • The Book of Nehemiah takes Bible readers to the end of the historical account in the Old Testament, some 400 years before the birth of Christ.
  • Nehemiah is the cupbearer to Artaxerxes, King of Persia.
  • Nehemiah is governor of Jerusalem from for 14 years, from 444 B.C. to 432 B.C.
  • The life of Nehemiah demonstrates:
    • Courage
    • Compassion for the oppressed
    • Integrity
    • Godliness
    • Selflessness
  • As had Moses some 1,000 years earlier, Nehemiah was willing to give up the comforts of a palace in order to help his people.
  • In the Book of Nehemiah, everything in Judea is restored except the king. The next king would be the Messiah.
    • The Temple is rebuilt.
    • Jerusalem is reconstructed.
    • The covenant is renewed.
    • The people are reformed.
    • The Messianic line is intact.
  • The return under Nehemiah takes place 13 years after the return led by Ezra, and some 94 years after the return led by Zerubbabel.
  • Malachi ministers as a contemporary of Nehemiah