Overview of Job

19 Mar 2020 Book of Job
  • 18th book of the BIBLE, Old Testament and 1st among the 5 wisdom or poetic books
  • Many believe the Book of Job to be the earliest book of the Bible.
  • Job is set during the times of the patriarchs
  • Factors to indicate a Patriarchal Age setting for Job:
    • Job lived about 140 years after the events of this book took place (42:14). Therefore, his life span must have been around 200 years. Abraham lives 175 years.
    • Job’s wealth is measured in terms of livestock (1:3; 42:12) rather than silver and gold.
    • Like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Job is the priest of his family and offers sacrifices.
    • The social unit is the patriarchal clan.
    • Job uses the characteristic patriarchal name for God, “Shaddai” (“the Almighty”).
  • There is no reference to:
    • Israel
    • The exodus from Egypt
    • The Mosaic Law
    • The Tabernacle
  • Job wrestles with the great question, WHY?
  • The land of Uz (1:1) is adjacent to the land of Midian where Moses lived for some 40 years.
  • The Book of Job deals with:
    • The question of the righteous having to suffer.
    • The sovereignty of God over creation.