Outline of Psalms

20 Mar 2020 Book of Psalms

I. Genesis Section, Psalms 1-41 Man seen in a state of blessedness, fall, and recovery (Man in View)

A. Perfect Man (Last Adam), Psalm 1
B. Rebellious Man, Psalm 2
C. Perfect Man Rejected, Psalm 3
D. Conflict between Seed of Woman and Serpent, Psalm 4
E. Perfect Man in Midst of Enemies, Psalm 5
F. Perfect Man in Midst of Chastisement (Bruising Heel), Psalm 6
G. Perfect Man in Midst of False Witnesses, Psalm 7
H. Repair of Man Comes through Man (Bruising Head), Psalm 8
I. Enemy and Antichrist Conflict; Final Deliverance, Psalms 9-15
J. Christ in Midst of His People Sanctifying Them to God, Psalms 16-41

II. Exodus Section, Psalms 42-72 Ruin and Redemption (Israel in View)

A. Israel’s Ruin, Psalms 42-49
B. Israel’s Redeemer, Psalms 50-60
C. Israel’s Redemption, Psalms 61-72

III. Leviticus Section, Psalms 73-89 Darkness and dawn (Sanctuary in View) Tabernacle, temple, house, assembly and congregation in almost every psalm.
IV. Numbers Section, Psalms 90-106 Peril and protection (Earth in View)
V. Deuteronomy Section, Psalms 107-150 Perfection and praise of the Word of God