Life Lessons in Deuteronomy



Deuteronomy explains God’s covenant to a new generation—one on the brink of going forward to take their inheritance. In its lessons, today’s believer will find the challenge to renew their commitment to remain holy and to love, honor, serve, and cleave only to the Lord.

Study and learn God’s statutes and ways, so that you may be faithful to walk in them.

Guard your heart so that you do not become complacent in prosperity. Acknowledge all provision is from the Lord.

Scripture is the standard by which all ministry is to be tested. Hold fast to biblical truth.

Choose blessing and life, renew your commitment to the Lord, obey His voice, and cling only to Him.

Reject any ministry that does not measure upto the BIBLE

Give attention to proper parental discipline. Rebellious children bring shame to their parents and dishonour the LORD

Undivided devotion requires wholehearted commitment to the Lord. God calls His people to pursue Him with all of their heart, soul and strength. In that pursuit, we will find life and blessing.

Seek and depend on God’s presence. In His presence, we will find victory.

Study God’s Word diligently. Apply it to all you think and do. God will show His goodness and greatness.

Seek God’s face with all your heart. He promises you will find Him. Give yourself to prayer and to being in His presence.

Holiness implies being separated and distinct from the world. Deuteronomy teaches positive disciplines that lead to a holy lifestyle that honors the Lord and gives place to the flowing of His holy, healthy, and happy ways into our lives. That is what holiness is about.

Practice Scripture memorization, and spend time thinking about God’s Word. As His Word changes our hearts, changed behavior follows.

Seek from Scripture the life-giving ways God wants you to live, and practice them so that your life will increase in God’s wholeness.

Understand that, when chosen, actions choose the consequences as well.

God is committed to bringing His people to maturity. It is important to remember as we walk through this process, our walk of faith, that He has promised to complete it, each step of the way (see Phil. 1:6).

Do not despise small advances. The process toward maturity is realized by small steps more often than by big ones.

Recount frequently to your children the faithfulness and ways of the Lord. Doing so will teach them to put their trust in God and will enable you to leave a heritage.

Rest in God’s nurturing care. Know that He has committed Himself to care for you, guide you, and bring you to maturity.

The theme of moral and sexual purity is further emphasized as being an essential part of covenant loyalty to God. Godly purity often stands in stark contrast to the social standards of those among whom God’s people dwell.

Understand the high value that God places on sexual purity. Reject today’s casual attitude toward sexual relations. Virginity is to be valued and purity guarded.

Run from adultery. Do not even entertain the thought of it. Honor faithfulness in marriage, for in it you will find blessing, health, and fulfillment.

By studying warfare in the OT, we can gain important principles that can be applied to any present spiritual conflict in which we find ourselves (see Eph. 6:10–20). From both the triumphs and the defeats, we can learn how to walk in victory.

Remember, the battle is the Lord’s. Trust your battles to Him, and rest in His victory. He will fight for you.

Be confident that God will supply all you need to follow Him fully. Understand that life in Christ is a life of faith. Depend on His constant provision.

It is important to deal with sins of heart and attitude before they fester, poisoning our lives and resulting in hateful actions

Guard against bitterness in your own heart and among GOD’s people. It most often causes people to turn away from GOD

Turn away from fear, faintheartedness and discouragement. All unbelief is sin

Trust in GOD’s presence. HE promises to be with you always to keep you from fear

Remain mindful of your proneness to sin and turning away from GOD

Acknowledge and rely on GOD’s strength and abundant provision