Life Lessons in 2Samuel



David’s life teaches us that godliness begins with a heart devoted to the Lord. Godliness includes walking in and being submitted to God’s Spirit, having a humble heart, seeking forgiveness, being courageously obedient, keeping commitments, and loving and serving God above everything and everyone else.

Devote yourself to the Lord with humility of heart. Do not allow others’ pride-based opinions to dissuade you from wholehearted godliness and worship.

Honor and keep past commitments you have made. The Lord will bless you for your faithfulness. Be assured that the LORD has heard them

Respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit; take responsibility for your sin; confess it to the Lord; trust in His mercy.

Continually practice forgiveness as this imitates the ways of GOD

Be certain that you are always where GOD wants you to be or you put yourself in jeopardy

In the Book of 2 Samuel, King David models how loving the Lord with all of his heart, soul, and strength is the way to cultivate dynamic devotion. He continually responded to life’s circumstances with a heart of worship.

Recognize that the presence of the Lord cannot be carried by or in things, but rests upon His people.

Worship the Lord with all of your strength. Be childlike enough to dance before Him and give Him a shout of praise.

Learn through practice to continually respond to the Lord with worship.

Give thanks to the Lord;

Acknowledge that all good things come from Him.

Give God all the glory.

Learn to praise GOD for all victories and spiritual gains. Understand that this increases your chances for further victories

Be careful not to criticize forms of worship unfamiliar to you. To do so may cause future unfruitfulness

This book unveils a profoundly honest look at a leader who fell into sexual sin. We are to learn from the events that led to and surrounded that sin, be taught by David’s responses, and be warned by the consequences of his sin.

Seek to be where God wants you to be. David’s failure to do so made him vulnerable to sin.

Guard your eyes! The lust of the eye led to enticement, which led to sin. Sin leads to death (James 1:13–15).

Expose sin. Do not attempt to cover it; it will grow if left hidden. David’s sexual sin grew into the sin of murder.

Remember that God is merciful and forgiving, but there are still natural consequences of sin.

Pursue holiness, therefore; and seek the Lord.

The heart of faith humbly recognizes that all provision and promise come by the grace and mercy of God. The action of faith reaches out through prayer to receive all that the Lord has for us

Sit before the Lord; remain in His presence.

There, you will gain revelation of who God is and what He has for you.

Receive by faith all that God has promised and provided.

Embrace the promises that God has given you.

Expect them to come to pass. Invite His promises (Is. 62:6, 7; Matt. 7:7, 8), for He is faithful!

The story of David and Bathsheba  provides a negative albeit poignant object lesson on the importance of avoiding repenting of and forsaking sin. Its witness is consistent with the whole counsel of GOD. Confess and forsake sin quickly or it will prove to be your undoing

Confess unknown sins. Do not hide them. Doing so usually leads to greater sin.

Understand that continual refusal to deal with sin can lead to serious even fatal consequences

Learn to see sin as GOD does

Seek to develop within yourself a godly hatred for sin

Since all authority comes from GOD how we relate to GOD ordained and GOD appointed authority can reveal much to us about how we in fact are relating to GOD. Whether we submit or rebel will test our true character

Honor leadership

Know that the fall of any Christian leader is a defeat and shame for the whole church

Understand that taking up a cause against any leader is a serious offense.

Know that GOD has HIS ways of dealing with HIS leaders

Be diligent in loyalty.

Refuse to cultivate a following from those of another’s ministry. Understand that doing so promotes disunity and division

Spiritual leadership is a sacred trust. How Christian leaders conduct themselves impacts far more than their own lives. This is why they will be more severely judged. Also godly leadership should grow and become stronger through its transmission to subsequent generations

Leaders know that you must eventually delegate a large measure of your authority to those you have raised up into ministry

Leaders be careful not to overvalue the importance of numbers

Leaders understand that sins you persist in can cause GOD’s enemies to show utter contempt to the LORD and HIS people

Leaders regard ministry as holy. Do not act presumptuously in carrying out assigned responsibilities

One pattern of attack on our moral purity comes through the improper glance that lodges in the mind

Guard your eyes. Be warned that a lustful gaze will often lead to lustful thoughts and can result in immoral action

Humility is a premium spiritual virtue. The humble man is not necessarily self effacing. Rather he refuses to take credit for accomplishments knowing that any good in his life has resulted from GOD’s working through him

Pray that the LORD will confuse and frustrate the advice of wicked and ungodly counsel. Trust that HE will thwart them

Know that counsel against GOD’s people originates from hell and is part of the enemy’s strategies against you

Sacrificial giving flows out of a godly and generous heart

Follow david’s example. Learn to give sacrificially