2Chronicles Outline

I. A Great Work for a Great God: 2Ch. 1:1-5:1

A. Qualifications: 2Ch_1:1-17
B. Preparations: 2Ch_2:1-18
C. Implementation: 2Ch. 3:1-5:1

II. God’s House, People, and King: 2Ch. 5:2-9:31

A. The Glory of the Lord: 2Ch. 5:2-6:11
B. Answered Prayer: 2Ch. 6:12-7:22
C. A Blueprint for God’s Kingdom: 2Ch. 8:1-9:31

III. The Parting of the Ways: 2Ch. 10:1-12:16

A. The Value of Listening: 2Ch. 10:1-11:4
B. The Virtue of Obedience: 2Ch_11:5-23
C. The Vanquishing of Self-Will: 2Ch_12:1-16

IV. Relying on God: 2Ch. 13:1-16:14

A. Fidelity Versus Infidelity: 2Ch_13:1-22
B. True Faith: 2Ch. 14:1-15:19
C. Counterfeit Faith: 2Ch_16:1-14

V. Keeping the Right Company: 2Ch. 17:1-20:37

A. God’s Presence in Blessing: 2Ch_17:1-19
B. Wrongful Alliance: 2Ch. 18:1-19:3
C. God’s Presence in Social Reform: 2Ch_19:4-11
D. God’s Presence in Deliverance: 2Ch_20:1-30
E. Wrongful Alliance Again: 2Ch_20:31-37

VI. God’s Royal Lamp: 2Ch. 21:1-23:21

A. The Flickering Lamp: 2Ch. 21:1-22:12
B. The Lamp Relit: 2Ch_23:1-21

VII. How to Be a Loser: 2Ch. 24:1-26:23

A. Listening to the Wrong Voices: 2Ch_24:1-27
B. Finding a Newfangled Faith: 2Ch_25:1-28
C. Overstepping God’s Limits: 2Ch_26:1-23

VIII. Images of Right and Wrong: 2Ch. 27:1-28:27

A. A Success Story: 2Ch_27:1-9
B. A Tale of Woe: 2Ch_28:1-8, 2Ch_28:16-27
C. A Reversal of Roles: 2Ch_28:9-15

IX. Potential Attained: 2Ch. 29:1-32:33

A. Spiritual Restoration: 2Ch_29:1-36
B. United Celebration: 2Ch. 30:1-31:1
C. Religious Reformation: 2Ch_31:2-21
D. Divine Approbation: 2Ch_32:1-33

X. Ascents to Glory: 2Ch. 33:1-35:27

A. An Apostate Redeemed: 2Ch_33:1-20
B. A Spiritual Revolution: 2Ch. 33:21-35:27

XI. Plunging to Ruin: 2Ch_36:1-23

A. Forebodings of Doom: 2Ch_36:1-10
B. Final Disaster: 2Ch_36:11-20
C. A Favorable Denouement: 2Ch_36:21-23